4 Signs That The Guy You’re With Isn’t Wasting Your Time

1. He always tells you the truth.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s convenient for him to do so or not, he’s always going to stay honest with you. He’s always going to try to keep things real with you. He will always want to tell you the truth because he trusts and respects you enough to do so.

2. He follows up on his promises and commitments.

He is the type of guy who would never go back on his word with you. He always makes sure that he follows up on the things that he promises you. When he tells you that he will show up, he really does show up. He’s trying to prove his reliability and dependability to you. He wants you to always be able to rely on him. he wants you to trust him.

3. He always communicates his needs and expectations to you.

He always comes clean to you about his needs and his expectations. That means that he’s invested enough in the relationship to actually tell you about everything he envisions the two of you to be in the future.

4. He spends a lot of his time on you.

He is always so keen on spending a lot of his time with you. It doesn’t matter how busy he is. He has no problems moving things around on his schedule just so he can accommodate you into his life. He will always want to make you feel like a genuine priority.


At the end of the day, you always want someone who is going to be serious about being with you. You always want to be with someone who isn’t merely looking to play around with you. You want a man you can really sink your teeth into. You want a man who you can fully depend on to always be there for you. And if you feel like a lot of these signs apply to your man, then consider yourself lucky. You’ve definitely got a keeper. You’ve got someone who you can always rely on. You’ve got a man who you have a legitimate shot at building the future with. And that’s something to always be happy about. Make sure that you don’t take him for granted. Make sure that you do everything in your power to keep him in your life.

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