4 students expelled for cult related offence

In line with the university policy of zero tolerance for cultism, four students found guilty of being members of cult have been expelled by the Senate of the Ignatius Ajuru University of Education. This decision was taken during the statutory Senate meeting of Wednesday September 26, 2018 which held at the postgraduate hall of the university. The Chairman of the nine man Students Disciplinary Committee, Professor Kingdom Orji gave a report on the findings of the Committee and at the end, Senate agreed that the students should be expelled in line with the university law which attracts expulsion from the university and to serve as a deterrent to others. The students are:

1. Anthony Enyinda Ikechi, a four hundred level students of the
Department of Social Studies with matriculation number UE/2012/

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2. Bestman Obinna, a four hundred level students of the
Department of Religious and Cultural Studies with matriculation
number UE/2012/B.ED4/4529.

3. Success Nnamukwu, a three hundred level students of the
Department of Religious and Cultural studies with matriculation
number UE/2013/B.ED4/6400.

4. Abam Chukwubuike Zokuba, a one hundred level students of the
Department of Political Science with matriculation number
The recommendations for other two new male students found
guilty of spending late night at female hostels were for them to
bring their parents or guardians to sign a letter of good behaviour
throughout their stay in the university.

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  1. This is the big problems of universities

  2. too bad

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