40 life lessons you need to know to keep you focused, an experience from Ugonna Emechebe

(1) I have learnt to follow the cause that is just and not the one that
is popular.
(2) I have learnt that one of the things I must do to be an effective
leader is never to take for granted that my subordinates know.
I have learnt never to hold a man accountable for what I have not
taught him.
(3) The hardest person to wake from sleep is the one who is
pretending to be asleep. I have learnt that pretence requires a lot of
effort and it is far less stressful to be yourself than to pretend to
be another.
(4) I have learnt that failure is an opinion and not a person.
Nobody Is a failure. You have failed only when you decide you
(5) I have learnt not to take people on a ride because I want to
avoid unpleasant situations. I have seen that when you do not tell
a person the truth in a bid to not hurt him you would only have
prepared grounds for the deepest kinds of hurt.
(6) I have learnt that there must be a balance between saying the
truth and saying it properly;
for truth without love is callousness, and love without truth is
(7) I have learnt that one of the greatest forms of deliverance is
deliverance from the opinions of others.
(8) I have learnt that although it is naturally very difficult to move
slowly when one feels strongly one thing maturity brings on you is
that passion can destroy as quickly as it can build.
(9) I have learnt that if I am always on the offensive the tendency
that those around me will always be on the defensive will increase
(10) I have learnt that one of the major signs of maturity is the
transition from having a soft skin and a hard heart to having a hard
skin and a soft heart.
(11) I have learnt that many of those who easily condemn or judge
others are trying to deflect from something they do that is similar
to what they condemn.
(12) I have learnt that the “bigness” of a person is inversely
proportional to the amount of small talk he will engage in.
(13) I have learnt not to waste adversity. I have seen that adversity
has value, because the challenges one faces in life are some of the
biggest forms of education a person will ever experience.
(14) I have learnt that the longer I avoid a problem the bigger it
becomes. I have seen that I will avoid much larger amounts of pain
if I summon the courage to endure a miniscule amount of pain to
confront early what I must.
(15) I have learnt that if I will be the man both God and men will
respect and honor I must pick what is right over what is easy.
(16) I have learnt that need and pain have their purposes, and one
of these purposes is to depend on God.
(17) I have learnt that when I put God first every other thing falls in
(18) I have learnt that whenever my desire for the spotlight is
greater than my desire for His light I will end up losing both.
(19) I have learnt that the extent to which I allow God work in me is
the extent to which He will work through me, and the extent to
which He will work through me is the extent to which He will work
for me.
(20) I have learnt that the more opposition to my ideas,
perspective, and even person I learn to handle the faster my
growth and maturity will be.
(21) I have learnt that I will not be able to grow beyond the amount
of pain and censure that I can handle.
(22)I have learnt that I will not grow beyond my ability to manage
people’s opinions of me, whether they are good or bad, and ensure
that those opinions do not affect my reasoning or decision making.
(23) I have learnt that the amount of naysayers it takes for me to
lose my joy, confidence, enthusiasm and poise is one major
determinant of how ready I am for bigger things.
(24) I have learnt that the extent to which I am willing to take
responsibility for the outcome of anything I am involved in is a
major determinant in how close to the top I will get in that venture/
(25) I have learnt to never attempt to correct a person I have no
influence over because the extent to which he will take it as a
personal attack is inversely proportional to the amount of influence
I have over him
(26) I have learnt to put in everything I have into each moment I
live because in the final analysis it is not the years of my life that
will count as much as the life in my years
(27) I have learnt even further that the quality of life is not
measured by consumption but by contribution. A life well lived is
determined not by what a person consumed but by the cause that
consumed a person
(28) I have learnt that life does not give you what you deserve, life
only gives you what you demand
(29) I have learnt that I should always place the voice of my
conscience above the voice of people. I must not violate my
conscience in a bid to please anyone. My convictions must never
be under my association, rather I must subordinate all my
association to my convictions.
(30) I have learnt that it is not as important for me to get out of an
adverse situation as it is for me to get the lesson out of an adverse
(31) I have learnt that a productive and invested life is like a
ladder, if you only want to go up a few rungs and bless a few
people then you can do it alone. But if you want to go really high
up then you would need good and well meaning people holding that
ladder for you. You will never rise higher than the quality and
quantity of people holding your ladder.
(32) I have learnt that the amount of time and energy it takes to
have fear is the same amount it takes to have faith. The resources
applied to dig one into a gully are the same required to place one
on a mountain.
(33) I have learnt that the choice of whether you would be in that
aforementioned gully or on the aforementioned mountain is yours
to make. Nobody can make that decision for you.
(34) I have learnt that the most important thing about me is what I
know about God. What I do with my resources, abilities, and time
are all dependent on the perspective I hold of Him
(35) I have learnt that the key to failure is attempting to please
(36) I have learnt that a life not lived in pursuit of a dream is a life
wasted. A real dream is not what you get in your sleep; a real
dream is what keeps sleep from you
(37) I have learnt that a sacrifice is denying yourself of something
good in order to get something better
(38) There are only two people who have the capacity to tell me
what I cannot do. One is God, and the second is me.
(39) And because God is not about to tell me what I cannot do the
only person who can is myself. I have learnt that the only person
who can truly limit me is ME
(40) I have learnt that in the final analysis it is not what you think
of me that counts anywhere close to what God thinks of what I
have done and who my family know I am. I have learnt that true
success cannot be separated from both


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