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A beautiful letter to the love of my life

My sweet Angel,
I know that God has carefully designed you to be the solution to what is not good about me. I know that in your beauty, character and purpose lies the glue that will hold together all that God has set me on this earth to achieve. Oh yes I know, it is a big job my love, and I know that the surest way to achieve that success is if I give you a helping hand every step of the way.

So right now I have decided to turn things around a bit. I know that
you have been made as a helpmeet for me, to fix what is broken inside me and to help me stand, but you know what? I want to be your own help meet too. I want to help you achieve that which you have being naturally created to do in my life.

I want to help you meet the needs that you are meant to meet inside me. I want to help you make the job of a help meet easier. I know all that God saw in Genesis 2:18 that made Him say I needed help, I have
identified a lot of those things about me that you have answers to, so I have decided to start fixing those things now while I wait patiently for God to lead me to you.

I want to be your helpmeet even before you arrive, I want to start fixing me before we meet, so that by the time you arrive I must have done half of the job for you.

I want to make it easier for you to be the ‘good’ that is missing in me, I am fixing up all my ill habits and addictions so when you come you won’t need to stress over that. I am working on smelling right and looking good so you won’t need to boss me around for a bath when you come.

I am working so hard to build a career and fulfill my purpose, to make it easier for you to just come in and help me sustain it, I want to make your job lighter, I don’t want you to come and stress over things that I can start doing for myself right now.

This is for you dear, this is for us, I am not self- centered, I know God has put all that I’ll need inside of you, but I still want to help because the load might be too much for you.

I want to make you the most favoured help meet in the world by making the job easier for you to do. That to me is the best ‘happy to meet you’ gift I can give you. So Bae don’t worry about doing a lot, just come and sustain what I have already started. Come and fit your purpose perfectly into mine. Come and be the Coolest helpmeet on the planet.

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