5 most powerful Ghanaian female CEOs who hold alot of influence

5 most powerful Ghanaian female CEOs who hold a lot of influence
Naij News | March 16, 2019

Ghanaian corporate culture is a male-dominated organisation that sees very few women in position of real and overall power, controlling affairs and calling shots.

The reason for which women are left behind from the top of organisations are many. While some of it is age-old sexism, others bore down to a lack of women in the field, a phenomenon that plays out in fields of science and technology, especially.

However, over the last decade, foreign and indigenous companies have appointed women as chief executives or managing directors. Some of these appointments have come with varying degrees of success.

1. Beatrice Agyemang-Abbey of Media General

The Media General Group replaced one woman with another in 2018 when Beatrice Agyemang-Abbey became the CEO of the company.

Media General own among other outfits, TV3 News Network. This puts Agyemang-Abbey in the position of so much control and influence.

2. Patricia Obo-Nai of Vodafone Ghana

Earlier in 2019, Vodafone appointed the first ever Ghanaian to head their operations in Ghana. It was in the person of Patricia Oba-Nai.

Vodafone, as the third largest telecommunications firm makes Obo-Nai the head of the company that provides service for millions of Ghanaians.

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3. Patience Akyianu of Hollard Ghana

Patricia Akyianu was formerly the managing director of Barclays Bank Ghana Limited. A professional business executive, Akyianu in late 2018 landed another job as the CEO of insurance company, Hollard.

Akyianu is one of the very few major executives in Ghana who happen to be women.

4. Boatemaa Duffuor Barfuor-Awuah of Star Assurance

Boatemaa Duffuor Barfuor-Awuah of Star Assurance. Photo credit: Star Assurance

Boatemaa Duffuor Barfuor-Awuah is a daughter of politician and business mogul, Dr Kwabena Duffuor. But she is also an acclaimed business manager.

Boatemaa heads Star Assurance, one of the leading insurance companies in Ghana.

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5. Carol Annang of New Times Corporation

Carol Annang of New Times Corporation. Photo credit: Daily Guide

Carol Annang is currently the most powerful woman in Ghanaian print media. As the managing director of New Times Corporation, she oversees the operations of one of Ghana’s oldest and most widely read newspaper.

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