5 quality of a good central defender


I spent 4 years in the football academy in Lagos state which I took part in my football screening and trials and eventually I was chosen as part of the senior team line up for every match as a central defender and today I will be teaching you some of the quality that makes a good central defender.

(1)a good defender must has his eyes always on the ball when marking a striker.

(2)a good defender must not allow a striker to settle with the ball on his feet for too long.

(3)a good defender must be conscious and be ready to head/clear out to safety any ball in the air.

(4) a good defender should possess a good version of pass from the defense line incase he has any opportunity of giving out a pass to the striker or a winger on the flank.

(5) a good defender must be a good header,and should be ready to go on to the opposition 18 yard box in case if his team wins a corner at the far corner.

(5)a good defender must be physical strong and buoyant.

(6)a good defender is not encourage to dribble in the 18 yards box close to his goalkeeper because it is dagerous the best way is to clear the ball or launch it  into touch/throw.

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