5 signs that he doesn’t love you

5 signs that he doesn’t love you

1. He Doesn’t Know What He Wants

If your boyfriend has directly told you that he doesn’t know if he loves you, or that he “loves you but not in love with you”, or he loves you but not sure you are “the one” – it means his feelings for you have changed.

These are all (quite pathetic) attempts to tell you that he is no longer in love with you, without facing the “women drama” that all guys fear.

2. He Doesn’t Care About Your Feelings

If you notice that your boyfriend seem to not notice when you are upset anymore, or notices but ignores it – it’s a red flag.

A guy in love will recognize that his girl is in pain or distress and will at least try to bring a smile back to her face.

If you cry about something and he ignores you or worse – gets annoyed – it may mean that he is hiding his guilt feelings about losing the love for you.

3. He Blames You for Everything

If your boyfriend acts distant, ignores you, doesn’t communicate and avoids you while accusing you of doing these exact things, he is signaling you that he wants out.

This is because he feels a lot of guilt from falling out of love. And the easiest way to relieve this guilt is by convincing himself that the feelings are mutual and in fact, you don’t love him anymore either.

Does that make sense to you?

How relieved would you be if you stopped loving a guy but knew that he feels the same and won’t be heartbroken by it when you tell him?

That’s what’s going in his mind (probably subconsciously).

Another related sign is checking the relationship status obsessively. If your boyfriend keeps asking “are we o.k.”? (In one way or another) – nothing is o.k.

4. He Changes Priorities

If your boyfriend does one of these things:

  1. Gradually or suddenly starts to ignore your texts and calls (and make stupid excuses for it)
  2. Prefers hanging out with his friends and family (without you)
  3. Shows you that you are not his priority anymore
  4. Spends more time with his female best friend

    5. He Says He Loves You but Doesn’t Make Time for You

    Couples in love make plans all the time. From little plans like going out tomorrow to big plans like moving in together some day, or having 2.4 children.

    If your boyfriend suddenly stops making plans with you or stops talking about the future he sees with you, it’s a bad sign.

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