5 things women do when they are truly in love

The tips below will get you far enough into a woman’s mind and
how it operates. Ever wondered how you would know a woman really loves you, these five things below answers your questions.
Although the list is inconclusive because no list is actually ever that accurate, these will provide enough info for starters on the

1. Reveals secrets to you

If she trusts you with that kind of information, it means she’s
serious about keeping you in her life–for a long time.

2. Hardcore flirts with you

If she’s going the extra mile to be being touchy feely, she has a
serious crush on you. She actually isn’t playing around.
Or she could just be horny.

3. Indulges your excesses

If she likes you, then she’ll let you get away with a lot more than
you should.
Things that other men [and even her own friends] will never get
away with, she’ll permit them if it’s you doing them.
This is not an excuse to intentionally maltreat women.
But, if by chance, you are yet to really get your act right, and a
woman repeatedly lets you go scot free, best believe she really
likes you.

4. Pays a lot of attention to your needs

Women in love are givers. It is one of the ways to know if she’s in
love with you. Whether it’s her attention, gifts, care, food, or
affection, she’ll want to lavish something on you.
It’s one of the many ways to know that she’s in love with you. But
do not also forget that she may just be generally nice to everyone.
How to know that you are special is to gauge the percentage of the
things she gives to other people and the one she gives you. If
she’s doing more of these things for you than for others, you may
be onto a woman who really, truly has hots for you.

5. She smiles a lot with you

A woman who is in love with a man would laugh a lot around him
or at least smile a lot.
It is because she enjoys the time and enjoys his company. The
happiness on her face is yet another one of the best indications for
a man to know whether the woman is deeply in love with him or
not. On the other hand, you could just be a clown who knows how to
make people laugh.

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