52 catholic priest backs Chukwuka Agwunobi political ambition

The priest in their words said My wonderful people of Isiala Mbano State Constituency, Your
Son, Chukwuka Agwunobi’s political ambition to give my people of
Isiala Mbano State constituency effective representation at the
Imo State House of Assembly has received the backing of the
Catholic Church in the entire Isiala Mbano Catholic Deanery.
History was made on Monday when over 52 priests in Isiala
Mbano Catholic Deanery under the Catholic Diocese of Okigwe
assembled at St. Mary’s Church Eziama/ Oboh Parish to show
their collective support and back our Isiala Mbano Mandate Project
with their prayers and blessings. I was humbled and also excited
at such unimaginable show of support from such uncommon group
of people in the society.
15 years ago, as a young man who had never laid a single block of
my own, Yours Truly Sir Duke, saw the sufferings of my people in
Eziama and decided to undertake the building of the Priest’s
residence and the chapel as my offering to my God. After that I
have tried my little best to relate with the priests in Isiala Mbano
and Okigwe in general, and help out with the little I could in their
welfare, the upkeep of the church and our own St. Peter’s
Seminary Okigwe. But the interesting part of it is that while I was
doing all these, I never knew that church and the people of God
were watching.
As the church and her priests resolve to support and back this
project, the great lesson I draw from this massive support from our
priests is that If the little I have done so far for the church and the
welfare of the priests in Isiala Mbano and Okigwe Diocese in
general could be this appreciated, I have even greater reason to do
more for my people and the church. And with the peoples mandate
in my hand, there is nothing we cannot achieve in our dream to
change the face of Isiala Mbano State Constituency and put our
LGA on the lists of frontline constituencies in Imo state.
As I have always done since the start of this project, I had
consulted with the priests and sought their blessing as part of my
ongoing comprehensive consultations with the critical stakeholders
in Isiala Mbano, including religious leaders, traditional leaders and
key political actors. But what I got was more than what I
bargained for.
The event took place at St. Mary’s Catholic Parish Eziama-
Osuama, Isiala Mbano LGA, in the presence of a few friends, some
of my political leaders whom I invited to witness the event and with
over 52 priests in attendance.
After the introduction, priest after priest took turns to remind me
and inform my invited guests of so many wonderful things “Yours
Truly, Sir Duke” did in the past 15 years for the growth and
development of the church and the welfare of the priests. I had
forgotten most of the things I was reminded to have done for the
church and the priest. At this point I was brought to tears.
My people! What we did in the church as a platform through which
I could reach out to our people as an ordinary person without any
public office from 15 years ago till date is what we intend to do in
a more different, more bigger and more better ways when you
have handed Yours Truly the Isiala Mbano mandate.


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