1. God called him to establish His kingdom here on earth.
2. David Ibiyeomie did not travel outside Nigeria for 9 solid years
cos of unbroken focus.
3. David Ibiyeomie was the first to be host and preach in a major
crusade programme in Rivers state without attaching another
preacher’s face from outside.
4. He is the husband of Peace Ibiyeomie.
5. He started 14 church branches in one day with all running
6. He gave the solution to the then Niger delta crisis involving
militancy, that brought absolute peace, during His Excellency ,
Musa Yaradua’s regime.
7. His dancing steps is 2nd to none. You need to see him dance.
8. His smiles gives you total peace.
9.His love for youth/students is exceptional and out if this world.
10. He is so loved by his mentor Bishop David Oyedepo.
11. He believes in proper staff welfare and management.
12. He has built a Home for the Elderly in port Harcourt with the
state of the art facility belonging to the catholic organization.
13. He made the youth become entrepreneurs through his
teachings on success.
14. He loves soul winning more than anything else in the world.
15. Dr mike Murdock testified that he has not seen who gives like
David Ibiyeomie.
16. David Ibiyeomie gave to God 1million dollar offering at once
without having a house of his own.
17. David Ibiyeomie forgives before you offend him.
18. His humility is spoken of all men.
19. David ibiyeomie’s foundation rolls out thousands of individuals
as entrepreneurs every quarter.
20. His wealth is for people because he is people oriented.
21. He is a straight forward man with impeccable integrity.
22. God confirms his declarations always. Governor of Maryland
would bear witness of this.
23. He is an authority in kingdom prosperity.
24. He operates in the anointing and makes the miraculous so
simple with incredible and undeniable proofs.
25.God used David Ibiyeomie to shatter the deadly virus disease
EBOLA in Nigeria in 2014.
26. David Ibiyeomie is an authority in church growth and pastors
one of the largest and fastest growing churches in the world.
27. He has written over 70 books and does not take a dime from
the sales, channeled all to God.
28. His heart pants for the kingdom of God and does not
intermeddle with politics.
29. He believes that God’s house should be built before his.
30. He can give anything to God. One day he gave out 52 cars in a
month and still giving.
31. He operates in the wisdom of God that made him give
professional architects solution to their dilemma in the building of
Finger of God cathedral.
32. He has a business encyclopedia just to see that business men
succeed and hits the top.
33. His teachings under the inspiration of the Holy ghost,
transforms, inspires, spurs you up thereby making you to come
back for more.
34. He is a great philanthropist, distributor of gifts(cash and kind)
to people with no traceable family history.
35. He has affected a lot of people all over the world through his
teachings(TV ministry) DIF (David Ibiyeomie foundation), free will
36. He treats his staff like kings and queens.
37. He gave to God his first income as a pastor, 700,000 naira
instead of buying a car several years ago.
38. He is attractively handsome, his wife calls him ‘fine man’
39. He believes that your background is not the reason for your
predicament, you can prosper anywhere even in Haiti.
40. He says if you stay in salvation ministries and faithfully follow
his teachings and don’t prosper afterwards, then the devil is not
your problem.
41. He Always says 20 children don’t play together for 20 years.
Be responsible! And make a mark on earth.
42. God uses David Ibiyeomie mightily in the world renowned
programme 5 NIGHTS OF GLORY held annually..wait for it in JAN
43. He comes all out against anyone who touches/dares his
44. God called David Ibiyeomie to bring the body if Christ into her
wealthy place.
45. A deadly cult group in south south tried to attack him for
eleven years yet those they sent, died mysteriously , only one
came to confess and was saved.
46. When David inyeomie teaches marriage, you will never reason
divorce, even the separated reunite.
47. David has proved that you don’t need loan to start up a
48. He preaches with simplicity, you can not hear him and remain
the same.
49. Ask the Holy spirit about David ibyeomie’s love for God, you
will hear twice that David Ibiyeomie loves God.
50. The day you start hating Bishop David oyedepo, start hating
David Ibiyeomie too because their relationship is unbreakable.
51. David Ibiyeomie deos not compete with anyone in the pursuit
of his destiny.
52. David Ibiyeomie tells you raw truth because he changed by
hearing undiluted truth.
53. He is the 2nd son of his earthly parents, given birth to in
bonny, Rivers state, Nigeria. He is a trail blazer.
54. On 2017, he was 55years and was celebrated by the entire
55. On Oct 21st, 2017 he became 55Years. He has vowed his life
to God to affect humanity by the grace of God with the gospel of


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