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Ulama Forum tasks govt on COVID-19 measures

Aidoghie Paulinus, Abuja 

The on -19 has asked the government to take    that  will  make  it  easy  for  people  to  comply  with  the  guidelines,  protocols and  regulations  on  preventing  the  spread of the pandemic in the country.

The group also advised the  Nigerian authorities  to closely  and  effectively  monitor  developments  on  the  -19  pandemic  and  review their  plans  and  strategies  accordingly.

This, the added,  will assist in modifying  the government’s stand, guidelines and protocols  on  how  to  mitigate  its  spread  in  accordance  with  the  situation  and peculiarities  of  particular  communities  and  localities.

In a communique issued at the end of an online discussions on Shari’ah position on -19, the group, a collaborative    consisting  of  Muslim  scholars,  expert medical  personnel,  academics,  researchers  and  other  professionals  along  with  leaders  of  Muslim organisations, urged the the government  to always  contact  and  seek  advice  from  .

The advice, the stated, will help to  understand  the  provisions  of  Shari’ah on issues whenever  regulations  and  guidelines, including protocols    that  affect  religious  practices  are going  to  be  introduced,  just  like  they  always  contact  public  health  and  other  experts  in their  fields.

The Ulama Forum on COVID-19 urged the authorities to: “Take    that  will  make  it  easy  for  people  to  comply  with  the  guidelines/  protocols and  regulations  on  preventing  the  spread  of  COVID-19.

“Properly  train  security  agents  on  how  to  assist  people  in  understanding  the  guidelines  and regulations,  while  encouraging  them  to  comply  without  undue  intimidation  and harassment.”

The group also asked government to give  opportunities  for  scholars,  religious  and  community  leaders  to  utilize  traditional media  and  other  outlets  to  mobilize  people  on  the  dangers  of  COVID-19,  important  safety   and  the  need  for  compliance  with  expert  guidelines  and  cooperate  with authorities  to  overcome  the  pandemic.

The forum added that the  influence  of  Ulama  and  community  leaders  in this regard  by  far  outweighed any  other  group  utilized  for  the  purpose.

Credit: Sunnewsonline

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