7 nutritious foods that can cause food poisoning

First off, ‘food poisoning’ does not just mean someone introduced something bad or fetish into your food. When your food is contaminated by harmful bacteria or parasites by whatever means, that is food poisoning. It could be from the farm or even your refrigerator or chopping board!
Christmas is a season that is highly associated with food thus I want to arm you with the knowledge of which healthy foods are most susceptible to poisoning.
1. Rice
It is funny because this is stored dry and not wet but Bacillus cereus is a bacterium whose spores survive dry environments and the cooking process. To be safe, serve cooked rice immediately so the spores don’t grow into bacteria. Leftover should be refrigerated immediately and reheated properly before consumption.
2. Poultry
Raw/undercooked poultry usually contains Salmonella and other harmful organisms. If you wash the poultry and cook properly, they will all die.
3. Fish
Histamine is a toxin that is commonly found in fish. It can cause wheezing, swelling of the tongue and face, etc. Fish should always be stored frozen. Defrost only what you need per time and use immediately.
4. Fruits
Fruit like watermelon that grows close to the ground can ‘pick up’ harmful bacteria. Also, berries are commonly affected by the hepatitis A virus.
Wash all fruit properly- both the back and pulp- then refrigerate immediately.
5. Green leafy vegetables
Tomatoes, lettuce, cabbage, and spinach are common causes of food poisoning. E. coli, salmonella, etc. can thrive in unwashed vegetables. You may not wish to cook your vegetables but be sure to take your time to wash them.
6. Eggs
Undercooked or raw eggs also put you at risk. To be safe don’t consume cracked eggs or those with a dirty shell.
7. Unpasteurized milk
You may be a fura da nono fan but milk that has not been passed through heat to kill bacteria is unsafe.


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