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Has Francis edged out Kingdom for the ultimate prize? » YNaija

Has Francis edged out Kingdom for the ultimate prize? » YNaija

Tonight, the 6th season of the Nigerian Idol said goodbye to its last female contestant: Akunna, and with that were presented our top two finalists, Francis and Kingdom.

Tonight’s episode was every bit as awe inspiring as we had hoped. Kingdom and Francis went head to head all night to make a final case for who deserves to win. These two have been the best vocalists on the show, so naturally, it was a highly entertaining bout, one too difficult to decide a winner from. At this stage, preference for either one, rather than difference in talent will decide the winner.

For weeks now, going by the judges reactions, and conversations by fans on social media, Kingdom has been firmly in control. His overwhelming vocal prowess and his lovable character has all the makings of a contest winner, especially one decided by fan vote.

However, Francis himself has never been far behind. His uniquely powerful voice has also garnered him a fan base of his own. Regardless, this doesn’t really change the love fans have expressed for Kingdom online, and while it would be tempting to dismiss a win for Kingdom as fan sentiment, that simply wouldn’t be true. Kingdom is truly the most gifted singer on the show.

Tonight, however, told a slightly different story. While Kingdom did what he does best, Francis had a slightly better night. It’s not easy to have Seyi Shay speechless, and Francis’s second performance did just that. He truly made it a contest tonight, and as mentioned earlier, preference rather than talent will decide the winner.

Francis tonight made it clear that he is on par with Kingdom, as he not only matched but arguably outdid Kingdom’s performances. Depending on what songs you prefer; what costumes you were feeling, or who the audience have been rooting for since day one; one or the other may have done it more for the fans.

It would be interesting to see what choice the fans make next week. Either ways both contestants already feel like winners.

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