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Analysis: In Nigeria, 2557 Persons Kidnapped In 181 Days

Analysis: In Nigeria, 2557 Persons Kidnapped In 181 Days

The high rate of insecurity has become a major concern for all citizens as Nigerians now live in fear.

The big news on kidnapping in Nigeria could be traced back to the Boko Haram – Chibok case in the year 2014.

Ever since it has skyrocketed and it seems the brains behind it have seen the dastardly act as a full-time business.

In this year, 2021 alone, according to a reliable stats provider, starting from January to June 2,943 persons have been kidnapped (16 per day.)

The North West have the highest percentage of the number with 1,405, then the North Central with 942, the North East with 210, South-South with 140, South West with 169 and the South East with 77.

These statistics are based on reported cases only.

However looking at the casualties, according to Nigeria Security Tracker security incident report, there has been 5,800 deaths between January and June 2021.

With at least, 32 deaths per day.

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