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Tension As Soldiers Lock-up Shoppers Over Missing Money At Abia Mall

Tension As Soldiers Lock-up Shoppers Over Missing Money At Abia Mall

Soldiers confined consumers inside a prominent shopping mall, Shoprite, in Umuahia, the capital of Abia State, on Tuesday, creating an environment of wrath and outrage.

Unidentified soldiers in mufti parked their RAV 4 car in the outlet’s parking lot and walked inside for shopping, according to a source who talked to ABN TV on the condition of anonymity.

They raised an alarm when they returned, stating that their vehicle had been vandalized and that their money had been taken from where it was kept.

Angry by the occurrence, they sought aid from their comrades, who promptly assaulted Shoprite with a Toyota Hilux vehicle carrying roughly 6 troops and locked up customers, barring admission and leave.

They demanded access to the CCTV footage so that they could investigate how the money allegedly went missing.

Later, they were alleged to have released the customers and fled the area.

According to ABN TV, this treatment did not go over well with customers, who have threatened to protest the security guards’ actions.

As of the time of this article, a public mobilization to hold a peaceful demonstration was supposedly underway.

ABN TV’s attempts to contact the Nigerian Army authorities in Abia for comment were fruitless.

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