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10 ways to effectively boost communication in your relationship

10 ways to effectively boost communication in your relationship

By Ekaete Bassey

Communication is key to any successful relationship, might I add to any healthy relationship.

It is expressing, sharing, showing and voicing ideas, feelings, emotions and even signals from the eyes to body language and even hands.

It is about expressing yourself, paying attention to your significant other. With communication comes listening and understanding, with both, an effective relationship.

According to experts, it’s essential in a relationship to communicate a big task but remember also, it’s always the little things that matter and makes a vast difference.

Yes, couples quarrel and disagree but they try to do so compassionately and effectively to save their relationship and do little things to reach out to each other to avoid getting things out of control.

Be observant about the little things meanwhile, here are 10 ways to effectively boost communication in your relationship;

· Check-in with your partner regularly

How Are You? How Was Your Day? -These questions can be answered to just anyone with “I’m fine” but when coming from your partner, it’s completely different, be extra in your response.

This question should be answered in detail, talk about how your day went, what you ate, how you got to work, how your boss looked so funny or what you did all day.

With this question, you’re in touch and sync with your partner and it helps you both communicate as you both don’t run out of what to say and even if you do, tomorrow is another day to keep it going. Check-in with your partner every day!

This is a way to improve communication in a relationship, invest in it.

· Do away with overthinking

It takes two to work in a relationship, stop overthinking about what your partner is doing especially when they are away. It’s always never worth it as you end up getting worked up over nothing.

Instead, reach out to your partner and talk about whatever issue you feel perturbed about.

Assuming, expecting and overthinking leads to disappointment and your feelings will eventually get hurt.

· Be a great listener

You could be a great talker but are you a great listener?

A listener in a relationship is someone who instead of walking out of a relationship actually stays back to understand where their partner’s point of view is coming from.

Listen and understand why they got upset over something you think is trivial. When you talk, listen and understand, you help build and improve communication in the relationship.

A partner should have this quality to make a relationship peaceful. A partner should listen, understand and always try to forgive.

· Communicate effectively and seamlessly

Communicating gives you an effective edge to solving problems and an effective relationship and a happy attitude. Problems can be solved by communicating, understanding where you went wrong and of course, forgiving and letting go.

Every moment is an opportunity to connect with your significant other – always respond when they try to communicate. If your partner is trying to reach out, be there for them – this is a way to improve communication in the relationship and they are showing you they want to try with you.

Talk about future plans together, your sex life, where and how you both can improve in the relationship and how to be each other’s support system. Make efforts to meet up with your partner’s emotional needs. Learn how to communicate effectively with your partner without starting an argument.

· Quit whining

“Arrrgh, you did this the last time.” “This is all your fault. – Two critical scenarios that should be dealt with

The first talks about “the last time”. This tells you this partner held on to something he/she did the last time and a repeat of it ticked them off. This is a NO when you’re in a relationship.

You should address an issue and tell your partner how that made you feel, how it affected you. Shit happens, we all know that. Your partner could do something or you could something wrong, immediately talk it out. Don’t hold grudges. Don’t build them wrongs up. Such piling leads to bigger misunderstandings and quarrels, and that is not healthy for a relationship.

The second focuses on “your fault”. You should not point blames to your partner over unnecessary issues that could be addressed. Resolve issues calmly. Listen first and then respond.

Remember, you don’t always have to be right and that’s why “I’m sorry” exists. Be sincere about the apology and pick the right time to discuss this issue.

· Discuss planned schedules

“Hey babe, remember the meeting/deal I told you about? It’s happening today. I’ll talk to you later tonight, say 11 pm. Do take care and I love you.”

Little things matter. This is a “major little thing”. Here, this partner is telling and wanting his significant other to know how stressful his day will be and what time he’ll talk to her so she doesn’t worry about him.

This little thing is communication all in one because he knows she will worry about him thus, he is also using the opportunity to reassure her of his love and tell her he has her in his heart and will definitely reach out when he is through.

· Appreciate your partner

“Thank you for letting me know this beforehand. Babe, I wish you the very best of luck in your presentation. Of course, you’re that luck in my life. You’ve got this, I love you.”

That’s another effort this lover is putting to reply her significant other’s message. She’s appreciating and expressing gratitude that he took out the time to let her know about his schedule for the day.

She is also showing support and believing in him and of course, telling him he’s a stroke of luck in her life to boost his confidence.

You see, relationships are about effort and energy. Sending your partner messages that show appreciation for a thoughtful deed and every other little deed tells a lot about the effort and energy you’re putting into your relationship.

· Compliment each other regularly

“You’re beautiful. You make me feel better” etc.

Always keep telling your partner what you love and appreciate about them even in the relationship. Don’t stop as everyone loves reassurance in a relationship.

Getting very comfortable with each other should be a good thing as it gives you chances to communicate effectively and express yourself however and of course say sweet nothings to each other.

· Discuss openly

These are ways to improve communication in the relationship. It involves a comfortable conversation around your sex life and it is effective as it makes you both better and connected.

You should discuss your sexual fantasies with your significant other, that’s why it’s essential to be comfortable around each other.

It enhances your connection, trust, excitement and leads to better sex and a rewarding relationship.

· Flirt with each other

Keep up with the flirting and the complimenting. There are a lot of nasty words and gestures that gets your partner riled up, blushing and all giddy. You need that, it is healthy.

You could just take off your clothes in a sexual manner while your partner stares at you, get all nasty and naughty as you bite down your lip. Keep up with eye contact. It matters.

Don’t lose this, it’s exciting. You necessarily don’t need to get dirty, do it for fun. Laugh about it, enjoy it. Enjoy every flirty feeling, it helps in building the relationship.

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