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Igboho: Don’t Go To Cotonou Court, Akintoye Begs Yoruba Nation Supporters

Igboho: Don’t Go To Cotonou Court, Akintoye Begs Yoruba Nation Supporters

The Yoruba Self-determination Movement Worldwide has appealed to supporters of Yoruba Nation and Chief Sunday Adeyemo aka Sunday Igboho not to go to the court in Cotonou, Benin Republic where Igboho is expected to appear for the continuation of his trial today.

Igboho, who is battling extradition to Nigeria following his arrest on July 19 appeared in the court on Thursday and after hours, the judge adjourned proceedings to Monday.

Some Yoruba people and supporters of Igboho have relocated to Cotonou because of the trial and the Olubada of Olubadan, Oba Saliu Adetunji, on Sunday sent a delagation to observe the court proceedings.

However, the leader of Yoruba Self-determination Movement Worldwide, Prof. Nairalovers Nigeria, in a statement issued on Monday by the Legal Adviser of the group, Olasupo Ojo, appealed to the people against trooping to the court.

The group commended Yoruba Nation supporters for their love and concern for Igboho but said the judge in the case might misconstrue the huge presence of people in court to mean intimidation which they said might work against the interest of Igboho.

The statement read, ” We have assembled the best lawyers within Republic of Benin and an International law expert from Paris, France for the legal defence of Chief Sunday Igboho and they are all working well under our supervision. We are satisfied with their work up till now.

” The Court system and judges in Benin Republic are different from the Nigerian court
system and judges. They are not used to having a crowded court premises hence they may
misinterpret the presence of too much people in the Court premises as attempt to harass, intimidate and overwhelm the court which opinion can have negative effect on Chief
Sunday Igboho.

“The Nigerian government has falsely painted a bad picture that Chief Sunday Adeyemo is
a gun-runner and a terrorist with large followership. The presence of crowds may be
capitalised upon by the Nigerian Government lawyers as corroborative of their

“The presence of a huge crowd may pose some security concerns to security agencies and
operatives in Benin Republic and may compel them to adopt some stringent measures to prevent a crowded court and attendant danger.

“Our lawyers are not comfortable with the prospect of too much crowd spoiling their good
work and have urged that we appeal to our people to refrain from crowding the court.

“We therefore urge all lovers of the Yoruba Nation and Chief Sunday Adeyemo Igboho Oosa in
Nigeria to please refrain from going to Cotonou for the court proceedings. Such trip may be
rendered useless by the inadequate size of the court room. We shall be adequately represented
by the Yoruba Community in Benin Republic.”

Akintoye stated that the Yoruba community in Benin Republic had been very wonderful in supporting Igboho and the legal team and they should be allowed to continue to do this.

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