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#BBNaijaShineYourEyes: White Money and Pere finally admit their dislike for each other » YNaija

#BBNaijaShineYourEyes: White Money and Pere finally admit their dislike for each other » YNaija

Since the second week in the Big Brother Naija House, when Pere and Maria were revealed to be the wildcards, there has been a growing tension between White Money and Pere.

Pere in particular has been very passive aggressive towards White Money; a disposition no one in the house is oblivious of. Last night however, Pere threw caution to the wind and was directly aggressive towards White Money, and the ensuing conflict shook every single housemate.

Deciding to move away from their usual truth or dare game, the housemates last night chose to play a different game, one that is rather complex to fully understand. The game involved divulging secrets or facts, to one person, and that person is not allowed to tell anyone else what was said. Somehow, Pere had misjudged the whole thing, and felt as though White Money said something unflattering about him to Angel.

Naturally, Pere, who doesn’t exactly like White Money became desperate to find out what White Money had said about him. Pere confronted White Money and in no time the whole thing blew up. The confrontation itself wasn’t the issue, the issue was the manner in which Pere had confronted White Money.

Pere walked up to White Money who was laying on the couch face up, and having his hair done by Tega. He then repetitively asked White Money what he had said about him. A clearly perplexed White Money didn’t even know what to respond, but tried his best to defuse the whole incident, however, Pere kept pushing. In a threatening manner Pere bent over and continued to interrogate White Money, even loosening his belt which most of the Housemates described as threatening.

In an instant, the whole thing became full fledged squabble that involved the whole House. The Housemates were very displeased and offended by Pere’s actions. They described his actions as bullying and provocative, and asked him to apologize. To no one’s surprise, Pere refused, and the whole incident got even more disruptive.

Everyone was clearly upset with Pere, and his refusal to own up. to his actions. And to make the issue even worse, it was Angel who had said something about Pere, not White Money. Even with that fact, coupled with the conversation held between White Money, Pere, Head of House; Maria and Deputy Head of House; Boma, Pere remained adamant that he had done nothing wrong.

During their conversations, it was revealed with no ambiguity whatsoever, that the dislike Pere has for White Money stems from the whole wild card saga. It would seem as though Pere is still holding grudges that White Money, contrary to what he said about being intuitive, knew about Pere being the wild card by an external element prior to entering the House. His whole thing with White Money, is that he believes White Money is lying about how he figured out he was the wild card.

Both men said their piece, and at the end of the day, nothing was resolved. So, it’s safe to assume that we have our first official beef in the House. It is also interesting to note that this rivalry which is now officially out in the open, also reignited the beef between Queen and Maria, and they too have made it public, that they just don’t like each other.

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