8 strategic ways to get the one you love

Sometimes, you need to do something radical to achieve your aim. So, that’s something I want to talk to you about, right now. How to Get “Your Man” Even When Nobody Wants to Love You Here is how to get your life back on track so you can attract that man you truly deserve but wouldn’t come.

1. Evaluate Yourself
Self-evaluationis the first thing you need to do to get things right. Look at yourself in the mirror. What do you see? Who do you see? Be honest, what you see is exactly what you are. Do you like what you see or not? Chances are you don’t. This is a moment of self reflection. It is time to tell yourself the truth. How did you get here? What went wrong? Is it something you could have done differently? Is it something you can change?. If you answer those questions with sincerity, you will see why
you’re feeling unlovable. A little soul-searching can do the trick. Having found an answer to why you find yourself in an “unlovable” corner, it is time to begin to do things differently. It is time to live and love. It is time to be happy and feel loved. It’s time to smile.

2. Love Yourself
Many ladies don’t even love themselves. They don’t love their own bodies, their shape, size, skin, complexion, hair and so on. How do you expect a man to love you when you don’t even love yourself in
the first place?. Self love is the first key to attract others to love you. When you don’t love yourself, you’ll lose your confidence and begin to have inferiority complex. You want to be like someone else when in
reality, you can only be you!. Let people be different. Accept and love yourself the way you are. If you have flesh, carry it about happily loving yourself. Don’t allow society tell you how you should look. When you love yourself, you will be confident, bold and brave to reach out for anything. Be positive about yourself and the way you look. All those attributes are infectious and can only help you to attract the right person – the right man. Yes, you are lovable. The best decision you can ever make is to love yourself. When you love yourself, you will feel really good. Your approach to life will change; and you will put on a more positive attitude. So, love yourself and enjoy life the way you are. A man will naturally come your way.

3. Be neat and improve on your fashione
They say cleanliness is next to godliness. Truth be told, some girls really put off me by their appearance. First impression matters, and also try to sustain it. Look after your body; be clean and dry. Don’t go about wearing a stinky odour. But simple, but look good. Make sure your hair and cloths are neat and tidy. This is not saying you should go around half naked. No!. Change your looks without having to break the bank. Change your hairstyle, look clean and flawless, make a bold fashion statement. All these add up to your personality and image. It contributes to the impression men have about you. No man, especially in this day, likes a dirty woman. Look fresh and charming, smell good and you won’t have to feel unlovable again.

4. Change Location
Travel, go out there and meet new people, see new places and have a new lease of life. Visit friends and relatives outside your state; stroll often and be social. Socialize and familiarize with people and new cultures. Learn new ways of doing things. This will give you much needed exposure, reinvigorate you, and most of all, bring you to meet
people who really love and care about you.

5. Take the Initiative
Most ladies find it difficult to initiate a discussion with a man. This shouldn’t be the case. Initiate discussions both on social media and outside of it, without being flirty or desperate. Don’t be afraid to express yourself, but do so with reservation. Be open without getting carried away, losing your self worth or value. Try to make eye contacts with the opposite sex, and stop wearing the boss lady looks all the time. You don’t have anything to lose. Be playful. Look intelligent and smart without being egoistic. Keep your egos beside you. This is how to attract the right people to you.

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6. Be Flexible
Don’t be too rigid. Try to adapt to new situations and new things. Develop interest in other things apart from what you already know. Flexibility will help you get along with people easily. Always look at things from two perspectives. Don’t confine yourself to a corner. Be flexible and easy going.

7. Maintain a Healthy and Active Lifestyle
Eat healthy and do sports. Exercise yourself regularly. Don’t stress yourself to look like other people or to have their shape, but do your best to lead a healthy and active lifestyle. If you can’t afford the gym, go for a run. If you can’t run, go for a walk. Watch what you eat. Go swimming every now and then, or do the kind of sport that you love. Most importantly, be healthy.

8. Don’t Be Too Hard on Yourself
Occasionally, you may feel let down one way or the other, but don’t be too hard on yourself. Forgive and pick yourself up, and you go again. Stop taking yourself too seriously. Just be yourself. Be happy always and have fun. Remember, life is short. Don’t dwell on your failures, always look at the bright side of life. Life is good. If you do these, you won’t ever feel unlovable again. Surely, with a positive attitude and disposition, you will naturally attract positive people to yourself. You will not only attract a man that loves you, but you will also keep him for good. And feel loved ever after.

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