Your freedom is becoming bondage and you can’t see it! Look
again, you are actually confused and need help!
You don’t have a relationship but all your emotional needs are
abundantly met, have named and unarmed partners left, right
center but ‘Life Partner’ is still missing
1. My lady, Adam was still a work in progress when Eve came in.
Jacob worked 14 whole years to pay off the bride price. Not every
hubby comes ‘already made’
Don’t loose your destiny insisting on your selfish targets!
2. Bros, You can’t match Solomon,
Try all you can; if you try, wherever you stop, you will simply arrive
at his conclusion- it is all ‘vanity’
3. You know you can’t be 2nd or 3rd wife but you won’t leave
married men alone, Isn’t that myopic? Are you a pleasure ball or is
your destiny all about catching ‘some fun’ or making some money?
I am wondering where that is all leading to!
4. Bros, Let’s face it. You have a huge problem!
Every girl you dated, you dumped. When will you be man enough to
understand that relationship will require working out by two
imperfect people?
5. My dear, the way you use men to dishonestly get whatever you
want. It may be hard to be a disciplined and content married
woman o!
6. Bros/Sis I am afraid for you because you have just one
courtship but various relationships that compete with it. The
intensity of what you share on whatsapp, Facebook and IG with
various ‘friends’ kind of indicate that monogamous marriage is not
in your heart at all!
7. Babe, so you are really afraid of settling down with John
because you can’t just imagine loosing being toast of Emeka, Love
of Sule and Baby of Seyi?
You are running the head of various men to get various things and
you think being married to one man will end up coming natural?
8. Bros, Who is fooling who?
You can afford the number of girls you service and yet marriage is
too expensive for you?
Keep playing. Age will soon pounce on you like a wave at sea!
You will look in the mirror and life has walked right by and you
have made nothing useful if it!
9. Babe, the time you reject all the men God has sent your way.
Satan will simply send you some spectacular rubbish!


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