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Every day one or two professionals of
different fields of discipline leave this country to another country
because no body is interested in discovering them.. All our big
companies only want to discover are idiots and immoral shit holes
and thereafter we will be complaining recession!!
“`There’s a notorious programme currently going on called THE
BIG BROTHER NAIJA. The winner of this notorious show is
expected to walk away with a whopping N45 million and a
breathtaking car. All that is required to win this show is to be Live
with a bunch of fellow crazy, irresponsible people, do all sorts of
immoral things, and, viola, you’re the winner.
Next thing, you’re called a celebrity, winning big advertisement
contracts and becoming the face of multinational companies.
If only there could be an educating version of this programme. If
only they could house some intelligent people in like manner and
make them compete for similar prizes. But, no! Our people do not
encourage sanity. Our society promotes evil over good, indecency
over decency, immorality over morality, and ungodliness over
The best in Mathematics competitions will go home with either a
carton of cowbell milk or Indomie noodles, ridiculous stipends and
laughable prizes. Yet these morons in BBN will earn millions for
coming to suck breasts, speak thrash, display nudity, and get
under the sheets on International TVs.
Our rich individuals, companies and corporate organisations will
spend huge sums of money sponsoring dirty shows like BBN and
Beauty Pageants where they will enthrone satanic activities,
display nudity, molest our under aged girls, and make them win on
bottom power rather than on real beauty and brains. Can anyone
forget the Anambra State born Chidinma Okeke saga in a hurry?
What a wasted generation! What a time! How do we raise, nurture
and produce the next Chike Obis, Chinua Achebes, Wole Soyinkas,
Cyril stover, Apostle olatunde Adekunle, and yes, P.O.C.
Akorefes???? What foundation are we laying for coming
generations? What message of hope and legacy are we leaving
behind? What epistle are we sending to the future to testify to it
that the past made some level of contributions. Is Immorality the
legacy we really want to hand down to the next generation? Are we
not losing our minds?
Let all people of goodwill come together and raise alarm against
this dirty programme. Let us all with one voice and in unison say,
“We’ve had enough of this nonsense.” Let us blow the trumpet in
Zion and declare war on these encouragers of evil tendencies and
promoters of these demonic programmes targeted at our highly
impressionable youths. We should see that this programme is
replaced with a more intelligent and educative programme.
Nigeria is broke morally and financially, yet the sponsors are
wasting millions of Naira on a highly immoral programme. Please
what is the lesson that one can learn from this Big Brother show?
What can our YOUTHS pick from it? I know this kind of write up
doesn’t get many shares. But if we keep quiet, then we are silent

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