A disgraceful exit to a dishonourable man ●

A disgraceful exit to a dishonourable man ●

By Toyin Falola


LIKE myself, many concluded 4 years in the past that Donald Trump, whose title is now approaching that of Judas Iscariot in infamy, would be kicked out of the White House after simply a time period. Even earlier than the finish of his first yr, there have been whispers that some frightened members of his cupboard had been assembly secretly to plot his removing by invoking their constitutional rights. Like that man , however whose title you need to not point out, his behaviour is like that of a madman. A idiot stays a idiot, always, daily. Never struggle with a idiot as chances are you’ll change into a idiot like him. If you struggle with a pig, you pull your self into the mud. This idiot dragged tens of millions of others into changing into fools. Dunce Donald turned many clever males into fools as they tried to handle him.

He did not even transfer into the palace with any dignity to begin with. His hat was yellow, his shirt was purple, his tie was hunter, his jacket was Monaco, his pant was a parakeet, his wristwatch was mermaid, his pair of stockings was slate, and his sneakers got here as dandelion. His gown uncovered his face, harbour in color. When he spoke, you see the mauve tongue, and as the mouth reveals itself, you see magenta enamel, and an iris foliage of “mother-in-law tongue.”

Four years, a sequence of wonderful data damaged and new ones set inside simply two weeks to exit in the United States’ 250 years of existence. Impeached twice, setting a new file. There have solely been two current earlier than 2019, Trump’s two means he has equalled the whole quantity of impeachments for POTUS, achieved inside a single time period. Evicted from Twitter; that does not even occur to a yahoo-yahoo boy! He invaded Capitol Hill to upset democracy; what Robin Hood would not even have tried. He misplaced a re-election bid and went on a tirade, like Yahya Jammeh, the maniac who as soon as ruled the unlucky individuals of The Gambia. He set the stage for violence, chaos, and anarchy, like the evil males who created apartheid in South Africa. And in the phrases of one of his four-year presidency’s collaborators, the Senate President, he “provoked the mob” to overthrow the Congress proceedings. Just for his personal sake, he did not even care in the event that they murdered his loyal deputy, Mike Pence, with his household.

The nincompoop, simpleton, turned the President of the United States (POTUS) with the highest quantity of pro-impeachment votes from inside his {party}, with many Republicans equally having had sufficient of the ninny. Indeed, it was the first time in US historical past that each one members of the majority caucus unanimously voted impeachment for any president.

Accolades! Suffice to say, the biblical Samson should have served as his preface, saving extra in demise than when alive. Oh, Trump is not useless, however his presidency went into a decrepit abyss. Trump’s presidency, already characterised so, will be remembered as one which badly divided Americans alongside strict {party} and racial traces; maybe, worse than some other in historical past. However, the final one week has seen a gradual change in the narrative. People put apart {party} rivalries to conclude that he was not simply a unsuitable selection, however dangerous sufficient to forestall anybody like him ever coming shut to the public workplace once more.

Let me sermonize, like the fundamentalists who believe in him. For many, maybe, we’ve got to analyze this as past simply the bodily. Trump’s fall from the highest pinnacle of energy in the complete world is nothing however a non secular occasion—a profoundly non secular occasion that ought to trigger all individuals to pause and rethink their methods. Look at Trump. There is not any human being that might have orchestrated the excellent mixture of components that introduced him down, main to his shame and shameful exit from the White House as the solely US President to be impeached twice.

For the final 4 years, he was suggested; he was warned; he was appealed to; he was cajoled. He was humoured, defied, and was given each profit of reasonableness to change course and change into a true chief. But as one intoxicated, he was blinded by reward, drunk on hubris, deafened by applause, deadened by momentary success, and in the end, he was introduced down by these identical issues. This is the predictable half—the half that the Bible verse above refers to.

Pride will lead to a large, public fall. Mr Success in Nigeria, Mrs Success in Jamaica, go forward and abuse everybody you meet on the manner. Bravo! Cleverman, guarantee your self you can resolve all issues. Congratulations! The wealthy; maltreat the poor. Success! Professor, you might be the finest. Oh my God! Egotism has an finish, always ending in tears. A homily ends in a warning, the unpredictable half. The ones that should trigger each pondering being to pause and reflect and search non secular which means, are the occasions of the final one yr, all of which, like domino items, one after the different, led to a cascading collapse of the Trump House of Horrors.

Foremost was the pandemic, so unexpected, and but the excellent scythe to minimize down Trump’s largest boast—the financial system and jobs. Once the financial system nosedived, nothing was left for Trump to boast about. Oh, and that was not all. Believed to be the most secured nation in the world by many, Trump may not cease boasting of the US’ army would possibly, leading to threats, some executed, on nations round the globe. Indeed, whereas he always appeared to be ready militarily, he was removed from ready with his frequent sense. Even when it turned inevitable that the US had simply been hit with the worst pandemic, his reactions, unintellectual charades, blames, and name-calling ensured he didn’t do what was required to defend the residents of the US, recording the highest demise toll from the pandemic. A clown and a assassin, that is the abstract of Trump inside the final one yr.

Besides the invading power of COVID-19, Trump’s self-caused ­casus belli for his inevitable fall, his tomfoolery racism. He was sitting atop the apogee of energy in a nation that has thrived as the most sought-after vacation spot of individuals from totally different components of the world, Africans inclusive. Consequentially, who may have recognized that the fashionable occasion in latest American historical past—the police killing of an unarmed black man, this time, George Floyd—would efficiently provoke Americans to mobilize intensely, and prove at the polls like by no means seen, in unprecedented numbers, to reject a transparently racist president and his equally immoral {party}. Perhaps arguably, had been it not for George Floyd, nominating the first black girl as VP throughout this election cycle might need remained inconceivable. Worthy of note is that Harris was not the solely nominated black girl, with Stacey Abrams additionally appointed by Biden himself. The statistical odds have always been in opposition to this. And, maybe, Kamala Harris’ emergence had to do extra with her being multiracial in origin—being African-American and Asian-American—thereby interesting to a number of US residents.

Unable to cope with defeat, Trump was not prepared to go away the White House with out his legacy imprinted on American politics. And what may the madman assume of? Inciting a racist mob to overrun the US Capitol Hill, perhaps to maybe forestall the Senate ratification of the Biden-Harris honest electoral win. Ever a extra silly clown? And there, Trump left a legacy which with out mincing phrases, was a brazen assault on the US democracy—the pinnacle of democracy round the world. A soiled, oily stain on the White House. Making a comeback is allowed, however Trump sealed his destiny with the Republican Party in the mud after his egocentric and silly show of uncouthness and sheer conceitedness. Oh! Establishing and registering a new {party} for 2024 would possibly be a factor. The silly man is on to a new foolish recreation.

Reflecting upon this chain of occasions, and it appears solely karma, destiny, windfall, future, preordination, and divine intervention of some kind may have deliberate the final yr for Trump. It brings to thoughts the humiliation of the biblical Nebuchadnezzar, the proud king who at the very top of his kingdom’s dominance, God made to lose his thoughts and eat grass for seven years like a beast.

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Falola is professor of History, The University of Texas at Austin, United States.

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