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“Your lunch is getting cold” he said
…….“Hmm” …….
She was folding the laundry. Neatly she folded them from the basket to the drawers.
They were colour coordinated; It tranquillises her and soothes her OCD.
Slowly, she made lethargic movements: basket to drawer.
She sat on her flattened feet as she knelt by the drawer, holding unto Noah’s favourite blue shirt. The therapist said she had to wash it.
She took it to the laundry room today.
But that was as far as he she could come.
She held it up to her face and sobbed uncontrollably.
She lay in her bed devoid of any thoughts
But for a vehement wish of death
She blame him…. she blame herself…. she blame the vectra driver.
He caused them this pain
And now it won’t go away.
The sleeping pills no longer work, the doctor said if she went any higher on the dosage she may sleep and not wake up. So her husband counts the tabs, and hides the bottle.
She recalled the worst day of her life
Mrs Nadeem had a baby
They had to go visit
They sat, all buckled up and ready to move
Noah was on the back seat.
He sank into his chair as he devoured his popsicle
Soon enough he was bored
He wanted to ‘drive’ with daddy
He allowed him against her wishes
“We are all belted up babe, and he isn’t” she queried
“It’s only a 20 minutes drive what could possibly go wrong?”
Like many of such arguments, she lost again.
Noah will sit on daddy’s lap and ‘drive’
Besides, he was only 3
He’d cry if they don’t let him.
No one saw the black vectra. It was dark and he was way over the speed limit.
Noah dropped his popsicle
They both tried to reach down for it.
She was confused for a moment
The noise was deafening
“Madam, sorry o”, “Wetin happen?” “They don die?”
She couldn’t make out what the noise was about.
“Is my wife okay?” She heard her husband’s voice
Her head was spinning
“My tootler was in the car with us. Where is he? No..ah?”
Noah’s little head was squashed
The air bag didn’t help as he tossed around
“Madam may una tank God o, the car summersault 3 times” they said
His favourite blue shirt turned red.
Little Noah laid lifeless.
Painful exit at 3!
Protect your babies! Let them wear their seat belts and seat at the back of the car.

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