A lesson to learn from joyce

While 99% of men pray and look for a woman who can be a
‘’helper’’ to them, This Man, David Meyer, prayed for a Woman he
could help. The very first time he ever met Joyce and tried
speaking to her, she gave him an aggressive sarcastic response
which obviously drives many guys away, but not a man who
knows what he wants.
Sexually and emotionally abused by her own Father from the age
of six for fifteen years, with her mother once walking in on them,
her husband on top of their only 14year old daughter then, walked
out and came back 2 hours later and acted as though she hadn’t
been nor seen anything at all, Joyce had it all. At 18 years of age,
running off with the first guy that ever showed interest in her, a
guy who ended up being an abusive manipulator and a con,
experiencing a miscarriage and being abandoned with her first
child, at 22 Joyce returns home to the abusive Dad who is happy
to have her back for his wicked sexual pleasures.
Uneducated, Depressed, grumpy, unhappy, verbally abusive and
bitter, nothing was worse enough to give Dave, a qualified
engineer, reason enough to take off or reason enough not to marry
this girl of his dreams and only five Dates after meeting her, he
married her.
Grooming her in Christ, simply by his unwavering love and patience
for her, then believing in the great person she could become, David
took all his savings and put his wife on TV, fully convinced she had
a Message that could help many around the Globe and that’s
despite experiencing so much pain in his patience with her, on her
path to spiritual, emotional and mental healing from all the abuse
she had endured since the age of six, well, although she also
helped make the journey easier on him as she had a teachable
heart. Fully aware of her many weaknesses, he still loved her
enough to believe in her and show her to the World, building one of
the greatest organizations in the World, love beyond the veil.
They have been married for 40 years. Joyce trying to gratefully
describe her husband says of him; he has a reverential fear of God
and a man that has loved me as Christ loves His Church,
Who doesn’t know Joyce Meyer? How many of you have heard
David Meyer speak or seen him on stage?
Now, such a man is qualified to teach qualified leadership, he is
unselfish, serious and admirable.
If you can manage to raise into greatness your own home,
especially your own wife, then you are a LEADER indeed. It is sad
to note that, too many guys in our generation are busy looking for
a woman who can be their ladder and support on their way to their
ambitious ‘wherever’. Where are the real men? Those looking for
someone they can help, raise, polish and invest in with no strings
attached? Will a woman ever believe in love simply because you
crossed her path? What memories are you leaving with the women
whose paths you cross? Have you stood for unwavering love,
focus and integrity? Will you be man enough and stop looking for
finished products, later boast about winning them, then ending up
abusing her?
FYI: We are all broken in one way or another, including you.
I’m so sick and tired of men posting and talking about how and
what women should be and shouldn’t be, things like, how to keep a
man, how to win your man back and a whole lot of junk I keep
seeing and hearing about women from especially men. It also
looks like, blogs, posts and books by especially men telling women
how to sustain a relationship or marriage have much followership
of both men and women, than anything ever advising men on how
to handle and treat women. It seems like women are usually to
blame for most of the ills in the world and are the ones with a lot to
learn when it comes to sustaining ‘’relationships’’ and ‘’marriages’’,
according to most posts I have been observing for some time, here
on social media, churches, clubs and many other places. How I
wish men could start challenging each other on how to better treat
women instead.

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