A letter to ladies on relationships

Dear ladies,
There is no school for learning about relationships. You don’t learn
about being a good partner and building your relationship well as a
woman. These are things that you should know, knowledge that
you should carry around with you, ingrained in every aspect of
your life, because a woman who can’t build a good relationship or
keep a relationship going through the struggles of life will always
struggle with losing men and relationships ultimately.
The truth is that no one can truly measure the strength of a
woman. She can tear down and build up with her own hands.
Unfortunately, there are many women who act as agents of
destruction to their relationships and to their partners. Why?
Because they have not armed themselves with the knowledge that
is needed to build not tear down.
Dear Ladies, you must always remember that authority does not
have to rest with the one that screams and shouts often or talks
back without a thought. Sometimes real authority lies in your
silence and in your ability to keep calm through a storm. Ladies,
you must train yourself to be submissive. Don’t interrupt, don’t
throw insults, learn to apologize and learn to walk away if you are
too angry.
Learn to be compassionate, don’t always be the judge. Yes, I know
that it comes naturally to women to be judgemental but it’s a
natural character trait that must not be encouraged in you. A
compassionate woman is open to speaking respectfully with her
partner and she knows that she mustn’t react all the time.
Let go of selfishness and instead learn to be more selfless with
your partner. You are allowed to retain your original, individual
identity but you must contribute that identity to a greater identity
which is the one that consists of yours and your partner’s. With
this, you would always remember to put your partner into
consideration at all times.
Have you ever noticed that most women who can’t afford to build
right in their relationships are the ones who don’t appreciate or
value the presence of the men in their lives? This is something
which is truly weird, because it’s not like a woman can actually
date herself. As a woman, you should appreciate the differences
between you and your partner. You don’t need a relationship with
someone who shares all of your interests and views, because the
differences are what make a relationship beautiful. Many women
fear that the differences are a show of incompatibility but a
relationship with two completely similar people will be nothing but
Learn to listen. You know how a woman is… when she starts to
talk, she just won’t stop. Stop making up things in your head when
you are not 100 percent sure about what it really means. You cant
be sure if you don’t ask and if you don’t listen. Sometimes, you will
be in a position where things are difficult between you both and the
easiest thing would be screaming out and just speaking without a
thought, but that one decision in that moment could change
everything. Learn to control your feelings. No matter what you are
feeling in any situation, don’t ever let things get too far that you
lose it and begin to spew out evil words.
Finally lady, you need to always nurture your relationship. Don’t
forget to make out time for your relationship. No matter who you
are, make sure you schedule out time for your relationship. Don’t
let your work get the best of your time that you forget to spend
time building your relationship. The more you tend to your
relationship, the more it will grow and the more you leave it alone,
the more it dies.
It doesn’t take too much to keep your relationship going well, but it
takes a lot to always be the one found at the other side of a broken
relationship. Think about it, ladies.

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