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A novel titled *Stargirl*

A novel titled *Stargirl*

We will be reading a novel titled


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*Stargirl* is a young adult novel written by American author *Jerry Spinelli* and first published in 2000. *Stargirl* was well received by critics, who praised *Stargirl’s* character and the novel’s overall message of nonconformity.


*Title:* Stargirl
*Author:* Jerry Spinelli
*Originally published:* 8 August 2000
*Author:* Jerry Spinelli
*Genre:* Young adult fiction
*Publisher:* Scholastic Corporation

*Title:* Stargirl
*Author:* Jerry Spinelli

The students of Mica High are enchanted. At first. Then they turn on her. Stargirl is suddenly shunned for everything that makes her different, and Leo, panicked and desperate with love, urges her to become the very thing that can destroy her: normal.



When I was little, my uncle Pete had a necktie with a porcupine painted on it. I thought that necktie was just about the neatest thing in the world. Uncle Pete would stand patiently before me while I ran my
fingers over the silky surface, half expecting to be stuck by one of the
quills. Once, he let me wear it. I kept looking for one of my own, but I could never find one.

I was twelve when we moved from Pennsylvania to Arizona. When
Uncle Pete came to say good-bye, he was wearing the tie. I thought he did so to give me one last look at it, and I was grateful. But then, with a
dramatic flourish, he whipped off the tie and draped it around my neck.
“It’s yours,” he said. “Going-away present.”

I loved that porcupine tie so much that I decided to start a collection.
Two years after we settled in Arizona, the number of ties in my collection was still one. Where do you find a porcupine necktie in Mica,
Arizona-or anywhere else, for that matter?

On my fourteenth birthday, I read about myself in the local newspaper. The family section ran a regular feature about kids on their
birthdays, and my mother had called in some info. The last sentence read: “As a hobby, Leo Borlock collects porcupine neckties.”

Several days later, coming home from school, I found a plastic bag on our front step. Inside was a gift-wrapped package tied with yellow ribbon. The tag said “Happy Birthday!” I opened the package. It was a porcupine necktie. Two porcupines were tossing darts with their quills, while a third was picking its teeth.

I inspected the box, the tag, the paper. Nowhere could I find the
giver’s name. I asked my parents. I asked my friends. I called my uncle Pete. Everyone denied knowing anything about it.

At the time I simply considered the episode a mystery. It did not occur to me that I was being watched. We were all being watched.

*Chapter 1 Follows Immediately*

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