A walk-down-parenting lane: are you a push-over parent?

These days, with the changes in our society, there is always that struggle between being a cool parent and one that still enforces discipline. In the end, some parents lean a little too much to either side of the divide. One of such extremes is to become a push-over parent, the type that says ‘yes’ to almost anything.
If you are wondering if you are too soft with your kids, here are a few questions to help you figure it out. If your answer to most of these is ‘yes’ then my friend, you are a push-over parent.
• Do you make rules in the home and fail to enforce them?
• Do the standards in your home consistently fluctuate?
• Do you easily cave in when your child seems to be in distress over something you have said ‘no’ to?
• Do your children get away with not doing their chores?
• Do your children flout your ‘orders’?
• Do your children interrupt grown-up conversations?
If after checking ‘yes’ on most of these questions, you still think it is not such a big deal, let me tell you what the implications of your parenting are, based on research and my common sense.
• Your child may not be able to set boundaries in his/her relationships with other people.
• Your child may become irresponsible.
• Your child may develop a sense of entitlement.
• Your child may expect the world to revolve around him/her.
• Your child may grow up to be ungrateful.
• Your child may grow up to lack manners and proper social skills.
I bet you get the picture now. Well, don’t fret. The world is not coming to an end and there just might be something that can still be done.
• Read up on solutions. Of course, one blog post cannot solve this.
• Seek help from counselors. I mean you should speak to educators and other professionals that deal with kids.
All the best!


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