Access bank buys diamond bank

  • Last week I thought that the news going on about access bank buying diamond bank was a mere  rumor..But it’s not a rumour,the access bank of Nigeria has sealed the deal through the permission of the CBN… Diamond bank chief manager uzoma has disclosed that the bank has been facing challenges in meeting up their requirements with the CBN as of last year 2017 but somehow managed to make it to 2018..Presently they have fallen to their worst dreams and to avoid it’s liquidation access bank bought it from CBN..Dia Diam bank was never my kind of bank…
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  1. I thought it was partner ship

  2. Good update

  3. Does this mean that we would have to get new atm cards?

  4. This Is unbelievable, i can’t even imagine such can happen to Diamond Bank, of all banks.

  5. I thought diamond bank was one of the strongest in Nigeria

  6. Am surprise

  7. Really really good deal for the owners of access bank.

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