Acrimony a lesson to learn for all men

Sometimes dreaming about that good life is not always enough,
you just have to go out there and be the man no matter how Lil it
seems while, working,praying and waiting for your major
how many of u can tolerate,feed,sacrifice,support and still love
and respect ur man/woman for more than 8year,lemme be
specific18 good year without a job,no support nothing..
he is not ready to render help or assistance in anyway, he only sits
at home working on the battery,while Melinda works her ass off
being the man, lemme take your attention back to when Melinda
caught Bob cheating on her with a car that she gifted him,which
led to melinda loosing her womb.
she dropped out of school just to make sure Bob graduated.
But when they came for her house coz of mortgage, that house
was the only thing she had left, while Bob was offered a couple of
thousands of dollars for his battery, which he turned down
knowing fully well that that money would av at least saved a house
that has provided a cover for him for years,and bcoz of his
selfishness Melinda lost her house.
that singular act is enough to break the last straw, sometimes
loving someone is just not enough… Melinda was just a pawn in
Bob’s game, he used her and sacrificed her at the end, if not for
Diana’s personal interest Bob would not have attained success,
she made Bob so she can steal him(schemmer)now to show u
how evil Bob is he gave Diana everything,the life they Melinda
dreamt of with him, the life he promised Melinda word to word,all
she could do was watch from afar,and to Bob, Melinda’s life
sacrifice (18years with you when you were nothing) worth just a
couple of million to him..beware of every Bob in your life nothing
good can ever come out of them….
Melinda is a real hero
Who fought till the end
She gave all for Bob ,held back nothing..
80percent of our ladies today cannot be half the woman Melinda
Bob is a schemmer, a self centered lazy bastard,he is a parasite I
can’t forgive him ever for the things he did to Melinda, he drove a
good woman crazy.

Is it right for Federal Government to dialogue and compensate killer herdsmen and bandits?
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