Adulting is hard

Whoever told you that adulting is an easy task has not been completely honest with you. Adulting is hard; it makes you want to give up sometimes. You wouldn’t have everything handed to you on a golden platter and sometimes even when you suffer and work hard and try to make things work, it might not go as planned.
We usually have a very romantic view of what adulting is and what it should be like, but when we eventually reach that part of our lives, we realize that whatever thing we believed in previously was a lie and adulting is a whole new world on its own.
Things that used to come easy for you will not. Your view will change about many things around you and you will learn to come to terms with facts that will be difficult to accept. For instance, people grow and they change and your friends may not be your friends anymore and your lover might not always stay as he is and you will have to accept that eventually.
Adulting is hard because childhood shields us from a lot of things and when we become adults, everything just hits us all at once. Adulting is tough but you are tougher.


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