Advise to men earning #20,000

I asked my ladies if they can marry a man who earns
#20,000 monthly. Some said they will, others said they can’t
considering the killing economy and roof-high bills!
May God bless every single man here! The reality of Nigeria in this
2018 is, #20,000 is not enough to put a wife under your roof! One
paint of yellow garri costs #500 in my state. I don’t know how
large your appetite is so I don’t know how long that will last for you
and your wife. A Derica of rice is #250, bag sells for 15k, don’t
even go there, forget about the bag! A Derica of Oloyin beans is
#400 if you are fortunate to get a good one! We have not talked
about Semovita, Wheat, yam, etc and then coconut oil, palm oil,
Maggi, salt, etc. Go to the market and price them. #500 meat is in
5 small pieces. I don’t know how long that will last you and your
bride. 1 Kilo of turkey is 1k, affordable, praise God, etc!
Now, let’s talk about the baby incase she gets pregnant
immediately: baby things cost at least 40k, delivery bill, at least
25k, baby food, diapers, immunization, etc are also there, please,
Back to house rent (that one costs a fortune in Lagos!), NEPA bill,
all manner of crazy bills, etc. May God enlarge your coast!
The reality is 20k is nothing! And no lady wants to suffer! We are
not created to suffer. Look at us well, we require good
maintenance. Hairdo, quality under wear, menstrual pad, good
body cream, hair cream, hairdo, cologne, good clothes, shoes,
bags, etc, so I don’t blame my ladies who say they won’t marry a
guy who earns 20k, grrrrrrrrrr….you won’t pray that for your sister
brother! That is suffering, real suffering!
On the flip side my ladies, marry a man who has a VISION even if
he earns 20k, this is crucial! With a big vision ahead of him, this
man will turn 20 thousand to 20 million then to 20 billion! Not all
men who earn 20k are lazy or irresponsible, circumstances beyond
their control push them into it. It takes a hard working, highly
responsible man to stoop for 20k job so he won’t be idle and beg
his mates for food! Respect a hard working man, never abuse him!
Does he have a big vision? Is he hard working? Does he have daily
practical, realistic plan to multiply his income? Apart from his
salary, does he have other streams of income? Do you yourself
know how to make money? Do you have business ideas you can
share with him that will make him make more money? Is he
humble enough to learn? If yes, you can marry this guy but please,
delay having babies till you are financially strong to take care of
them. Don’t bring your children into this world to suffer!
If you will marry him, you must have a job/business you are doing
to support! You can’t sit and fold your hands baby. You must both
put money on the table to make your marriage run. While he is
taking care of rent and bills you may need to handle foodstuff and
utilities till he can stand on his two feet. It won’t be forever, assist
till he grows financially.
Some guys are lazy though! These are men who lack ambition and
are too lazy to stretch themselves. They do small work and are
waiting for a wife to come and help them carry all their load after
all the bible says, “he that findeth a wife findeth a good thing and
obtaineth favour from the Lord!” They are waiting for a wife to
bring all the goodies! If you are not ready to slave to death and
suffer every single day of your life, please don’t marry this man.
A visionless, goaless, faithless, lazy, passive man is a disaster
going somewhere to happen! That will not be your portion in Jesus’
Brothers I pray for you, what it takes to be a real man, provide for
your family and win the respect of your wife and in-laws, God will
give it to you! Please, don’t settle for 20k salary! Run! Tie your
belt! Pray for money making ideas, broaden your horizon, attend
seminars, read, learn how to make clean money! Learn how to
multiply money and marry a vision-driven woman who will support
you and not despise you or waste all your resources, you will not
mis-choose in Jesus’ name!
Above all else, let us choose based on Gods will, not how much
they have in their bank account! A man can have today and not
have tomorrow and may lack today and have it in abundance after
wedding. Only God knows our tomorrow. Commit your future in his
hands and you will not regret your marital decision.

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