Africa now searching for a new colonial master after years of slavery-Bello

After years of political independence, Africa is turning East in
search of a new slave master.
The factors that led to European Colonization of Africa are not
different from the reasons why China is establishing presence in in
the continent of Africa. China has has outgrown the state of lowly
wage labour as a result of the growing middle class as such labour
has become much less cheaper and she must therefore outsource
labour elsewhere. African offers a veritable ground for cheap
labour but lacks the infrastructure to produce goods and services.
This informs the influx of Chinese loans for high risk ventures in
Africa at a relatively low interest to spur infrastructural
development that will, allow outsourcing possible. Not only would
China source for cheap labour, but raw materials as well, which
are abundant in Africa. as the next world superpower, China is set
to re-colonise Africa and by the time she is through with us, Africa
must have been raped thrice. First, as source of labour for
American plantation to feed European industries during the slave
trade, secondly as a colonial subject providing the raw material
needs of the west and financing it’s wars and expeditions and now
as both a source of labour and raw material to China ‘ s industrial

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