After my administration, Nigeria will have a better future-Buhari

God knows my heart it is to assure you that I set Nigeria on the
path that you will be proud of in the future.
There is difficulty while trying to bring change in the country, but
we are trying our best, even our adversaries know we have taken
the right course to set Nigeria on track, we offended these money
bag politicians and they will never forgive us.

The offence is that, we have blocked all their taps they use for
stealing, they now do not care if Nigeria will be up in flames, they
can sell even the ashes and fly out.
They have focused on us now with all their might, they want to be
allowed to destroy the effort we have made in straightening things
so far.

They are not interested even in an iota of good for Nigeria and its people. We have no choice, the choice belongs to you people of Nigeria, if you are confident of our efforts, you can vote for us again, so we keep building from where we are.
This will be beneficial to all and if you falsify us then go back to
them (moneybag politicians) so they can destroy your future and
the country at large.

But definitely you will remember I told you the truth and I have set
you on the path of truth and I have lead you truthfully.
The choice is yours on the path of the nation.
I swear in my mind it is not about politics but how this country will
turn out to be in the future.

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