Air France cause some panic

This Tuesday, there was more fear than bad on air France
flight leaving Paris at 16 hour from Paris to dakar. After
leaving Charles de gaulle airport in very good conditions, the
aircraft broke down after having passed the méditerrané.
It is first and foremost the crew members at the cockpit level,
which in the first place seemed odd at the passenger level. A
few minutes later, the staff on board announced to the
passengers that the aircraft broke down and landed on the
nearest airport.
According to the newspaper les echos, a general panic took
place on the plane and the senegalese on board recited all the
koranic verses that they knew without counting the “salatou ala
Finally, the plane was able to turn around and went to the
Charles de gaulle airport. Passengers were then taken to hotels
near the airport to take another flight that day.
A little more than a month ago, another flight from the same
company had a similar problem and had to turn back. The
company had mentioned a problem on one of the reactors.


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