Aisha’s recent opposition of PMB’s 2019 bid on twitter na WASH! She’s only pained that she’s been relegated. She doesn’t actually belong to za oda room as posited by her husband. She belongs to the main room where all decisions to subject Nigerians particularly Christians to hardship are arrived at. The cabals don’t sleep with PMB, she does!
She should be ashamed of failing to influence her husband, soul mate, bedmate positively. Let her hang there and stop seeking for undue sympathy. Has she visited Benue? But her picture and all the renowned Abuja doctors went viral when Yusuf was hospitalised. Note: I am in no way trying to deprive her of exercising a mother’s love to an only male child. I am one too! But she must realise that she’s mother of all Nigerians by virtue of her position.
I don’t want to believe that my mama will do same if in position but would appreciate similar criticism if she falls short of public expectations.
Meanwhile, in another news, PMB said he is not in a haste to take decision about the killer herdsmen. But this same shameless old man was faster than Usain Bolt in taking decision for his son to be flown abroad for treatment. Allah ya isa! All human lives are sacred and ought to be regarded the same. It is well with us all!


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