All Odd On Restructuring Against Igbo Presidency

If the truth must be told,a preponderant majority of Igbos of the
South Eastern part of Nigeria would prefer the devolution and ‘de-
concentration’ governmental powers among the federating states
to ‘Igbo Presidency’ .And that’s why the recent clamour for the
restructuring of this country by prominent Nigerians appear to be
Restructuring means that more responsibilities and powers should
be given to the federating states while the Federal Government will
be vested with the responsibility to oversee our foreign
policy,Defence and Economy.
Though most political pundits are of the view that restructuring will
not be the ultimate panacea for the rivalry,fear of domination and
instability that had plagued this nation over the years,or even
provide answers to our developmental challenges,but it will help to
reposition our mindset as we generate new ideas that will
contribute in no small measure to the development of our
country,while we consolidate our togetherness.
Igbo Presidency will only benefit few individuals and their family
members,leaving only the tiny crumbs for loafers and their
hangers-on,but restructuring will go a long way to address the age-
long marginalization of Ndigbo in the Nigerian polity.
Our experiences in the hands of our state governors from 1999 till
date have given a lie to the assertion that Igbo Presidency will give
us a sense of belonging.Nothing could be further from the
truth.Almost all the state governors in Igbo-speaking states have
so wrecked the economy of such states that those states now
wobble. Infact it is only a little pressure that it is needed for such
states to breathe their last. Most State Governors in Eastern
Nigeria are so greedy that they have continued to grab,and
grab,and grab;they will equally use the ‘Presidential powers’ to
benefit themselves and their families. No longer shall we,Ndigbo
allow ourselves to be used by some political jobbers to achieve
their selfish aims.


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