All the south east want is referendum and not the presidency nor restructuring

Respected elder statesman and Nigeria’s First Republic Aviation
Minister, Chief Mbazulike Amechi, has told the Nigerian
government to include Referendum to the constitution and let it be
conducted to determine Igbos’ fate in Nigeria.
Amechi was reacting following the alleged plot for former Lagos
State governor, Bola Tinubu to succeed President Buhari, while the
party has been promised to shift power to South-East (Igbo land).
He also noted that the moves to scheme out the Igbo in the 2023
electoral calculations were reminiscent of Chief Obafemi
Awolowo’s collaboration with the northern military regime in the
aftermath of the aborted implementation of the Aburi Accord
between General Yakubu Gowon and the late Chukwuemeka
“What Saraki said is obvious because those who follow the politics
of Nigeria know that it is the game that is going on now. We are
not surprised. The Igbo have been neglected and not seen as part
of the federation of Nigeria, but as slaves in the country.
“I have read in the papers that the military is going to launch
Operation Python Dance 3 in Igbo land alone. If they don’t want the
Igbo in Nigeria, let the people of the North and the West say they
don’t want the Igbo again in Nigeria and Igbo will go their way. We
are not equal partners in the federation and the earlier they
conduct a plebiscite the better for us, so that the Igbo can go. And
that is where the case of the IPOB is justified.
“We are not begging to remain in Nigeria. Let them allow plebiscite
in Igbo land and Igbo will decide whether they will continue to be
part of this nonsense or not.
“In my own point of view, which is the general point of view, Buhari
should be contented with one tenure. He should not contest in
2019. Somebody from the North should contest for the remaining
second tenure to enable the North serve out two tenures. Then
after that somebody from Igbo land should contest for the
presidency in 2023 and should be supported to become the
president. Equity, justice and fairness demand that.
“It was the same thing that Chief Obafemi Awolowo did, he hated
the Igbo all his life. He fought the civil war against the Igbo and
when the war ended he came up with the idea that every Igbo man
should be allowed only 20 pounds no matter what he had in the
bank when he was the Minister for Economic Development and a
member of the federal executive council.
“The Igbo begged him to reverse the policy to no avail. Not only
that, it was Awolowo who advised the Federal Government that
starvation was the best instrument of war. So, we are pained to
remember that,” he said.

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