All you need to know about Dele Giwa and how he died

In 1986 the infamous letter bomb was delivered at Dele’s home at No. 25, Talabi crescent, Off Talabi street, Adeniyi Jones Avenue Ikeja Lagos. Colonel Halilu Akilu of the directorate of military intelligence has spoken to Dele Giwa earlier, asking for directions to his house so as to pay him a visit on his way to Ikeja airport having been slatedto travel to Kano and also giving him a tip as regards a parcel fromthe commander-in-chief most likely an invitation to some official events.

Remember he had also told Dele not to worry about the
allegations against him which led to the interrogation by the DMI
and SSS on the 16th and 17th October respectively. Dele’s Son
Billy was the immediate recipient of the parcel which bore the seal
of the Presidency, and was marked TO BE OPENED BY THE

This must be from the Presidency” Giwa said
with a smile as he collected the package from his son and the rest
became history. Killers of Dele Giwa are seemingly so powerful
that they frustrated all efforts to investigate his death. Let me prick your conscience with one frustrated effort.

One Herbert Tunde Dare a senior police officer with the special branch was assigned to the investigation. Soon after he began work with his
accustomed energy and commitment, he was transferred to
Kaduna from Lagos. He visited Lagos to file a preliminary report on
his investigations and in attempt to return to Kaduna by Air, he was
given another assignment on the eleventh hour that warranted his
returning by road.

Announcing his death, the police said he had lost control of his car while trying to overtake another vehicle. He had died instantly. The wreck of the car he was allegedly driving was never seen till date. 31 years later, the perpetrators of this dastardly act against Dele, his family, relatives, friends and all who are touched by his story appears to have gone scorch free.

But in as much as Dele lies in the grave lifeless, they will remain restless till they become useless in the dust!
Permit me to end this submission with one of my favorite quotes
of all time as put forward by the late Dele Giwa 2 yrs before his
death, precisely on 30th August 1984.

Can the south east (Igbo speaking tribe) produce the next Nigerian President come 2023?
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  2. This is really bad story to be told a patriots like him dies like that.

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