All you need to know about Gideon Orkar following his coup speech in 1990

On behalf of the patriotic and well-meaning peoples of the Middle
Belt and the southern parts of this country, I , Major Gideon Orka,
wish to happily inform you of the successful ousting of the
dictatorial, corrupt, drug baronish, evil man, deceitful, homo-
sexually-centered, prodigalistic, un-patriotic administration of
General Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida. We have equally
commenced their trials for unabated corruption, mismanagement
of national economy, the murders of Dele Giwa, Major-General
Mamman Vasta, with other officers as there was no attempted
coup but mere intentions that were yet to materialize and other
human rights violations. The National Guard already in its
formative stage is disbanded with immediate effect. Decrees
Number 2 and 46 are hereby abrogated. We wish to emphasis that
this is not just another coup but a well conceived, planned and
executed revolution for the marginalized, oppressed and enslaved
peoples of the Middle Belt and the south with a view to freeing
ourselves and children yet unborn from eternal slavery and
colonization by a clique of this country.
Our history is replete with numerous and uncontrollable instances
of callous and insensitive dominatory repressive intrigues by those
who think it is their birthright to dominate till eternity the political
and economic privileges of this great country to the exclusion of
the people of the Middle Belt and the south. They have almost
succeeded in subjugating the Middle Belt and making them
voiceless and now extending same to the south. It is our
unflinching belief that this quest for domination, oppression and
marginalization is against the wish of God and therefore, must be
resisted with the vehemence. Anything that has a beginning must
have an end. It will also suffice here to state that all Nigerians
without skeleton in their cupboards need not to be afraid of this
change. However, those with skeleton in their cupboards have all
reasons to fear, because the time of reckoning has come. For the
avoidance of doubt, we wish to state the three primary reasons
why we have decided to oust the satanic Babangida
administration. The reasons are as follows:
(a) To stop Babangida’s desire to cunningly, install himself as
Nigeria’s life president at all costs and by so doing, retard the
progress of this country for life. In order to be able to achieve this
undesirable goals of his, he has evidently started destroying those
groups and sections he perceived as being able to question his
desires. Examples of groups already neutralized, pitched against
one another or completely destroyed are:
(1) The Sokoto caliphate by installing an unwanted Sultan to cause
division within the hitherto strong Sokoto caliphate.
(2) The destruction of the peoples of Plateau State, especially the
Lantang people, as a balancing force in the body politics of this
(3) The buying of the press by generous monetary favours and the
usage of State Security Service, SSS, as a tool of terror.
(4) The intent to cow the students by the promulgation of the
draconian decree Number 47.
(5) The cowing of the university teaching and non-teaching staff by
an intended massive purge, using the 150 million dollar loan as the
necessitating factor.
(6) Deliberately withholding funds to the armed forces to make
them ineffective and also crowning his diabolical scheme through
the intended retrenchment of more than half of the members of the
armed forces. Other pointers that give credence to his desire to
become a life president against the wishes of the people are:
(1) His appointment of himself as a minister of defense, his putting
under his direct control the SSS, his deliberate manipulation of the
transition programme, his introduction of inconceivable, unrealistic
and impossible political options, his recent fraternisation with other
African leaders that have installed themselves as life presidents
and his dogged determination to create a secret force called the
national guard, independent of the armed forces and the police
which will be answerable to himself alone, both operationally and
administratively. It is our strong view that this kind of dictatorial
desire of Babangida is unacceptable to Nigerians of the 1990’s,
and, therefore, must be resisted by all. Another major reason for
the change is the need to stop intrigues, domination and internal
colonisation of the Nigerian state by the so-called chosen few.
This, in our view, has been and is still responsible for 90 percent of
the problems of Nigerians. This indeed has been the major clog in
our wheel of progress. This clique has an unabated penchant for
domination and unrivalled fostering of mediocrity and outright
detest for accountability, all put together have been our undoing as
a nation. This will ever remain our threat if not checked
immediately. It is strongly believed that without the intrigues
perpetrated by this clique and misrule, Nigeria will have in all ways
achieved developmental virtues comparable to those in Korea,
Taiwan, Brazil, India, and even Japan. Evidence, therefore, this
cancerous dominance has as a factor constituted by a major and
unpardonable clog in the wheel of progress of the Nigerian state.
(Sic) It is suffice to mention a few distasteful intrigues engineered
by this group of Nigerians in recent past. These are:
(1) The shabby and dishonourable treatment meted on the longest
serving Nigerian general in the person of General Domkat Bali, who
in actual fact had given credibility to the Babangida administration.
(2) The wholesale hijacking of Babangida’s administration by the
all powerful clique.
(3) The disgraceful and inexplicable removal of Commodore Ebitu
Ukiwe, Professor Tam David-West, Mr. Aret Adams and so on from
(4) The now-pervasive and on-going retrenchment of Middle Belt
and southerners from public offices and their instant replacement
by the favoured class and their stooges.
(5) The deliberate disruption of the educational culture and
retarding its place to suit the favoured class to the detriment of
other educational minded parts of this country.
(6) The deliberate impoverishment of the peoples from the Middle
Belt and the south, making them working ghosts and feeding on
the formulae of 0-1-1- or 0-0-0 while the aristocratic class and
their stooges are living in absolute affluence on a daily basis
without working for it.
(7) Other countless examples of the exploitative, oppressive, dirty
games of intrigues of its class, where people and stooges that can
best be described by the fact that even though they contribute very
little economically to the well being of Nigeria, they have over the
years served and presided over the supposedly national wealth
derived in the main from the Middle Belt and the southern part of
this country, while the people from these parts of the country have
been completely deprived from benefiting from the resources given
to them by God.
(8) The third reason for the change is the need to lay a strong
egalitarian foundation for the real democratic take off of the
Nigerian state or states as they circumstances may dictate. In the
light of all the above and in recognition of the negativeness of the
aforementioned aristocratic factor, the overall progress of the
Nigerian state a temporary decision to excise the following states
namely, Sokoto, Borno, Katsina, Kano and Bauchi states from the
Federal Republic of Nigeria comes into effect immediately until the
following conditions are met.
The conditions to be met to necessitate the re-absorption of the
aforementioned states are as following:
(a) To install the rightful heir to the Sultanate, Alhaji Maccido, who
is the people’s choice.
(b) To send a delegation led by the real and recognised Sultan
Alhaji Maccido to the federal government to vouch that the
feudalistic and aristocratic quest for domination and operation will
be a thing of the past and will never be practised in any part of the
Nigeria state. By the same token, all citizens of the five states
already mentioned are temporarily suspended from all public and
private offices in Middle Belt and southern parts of this country
until the mentioned conditions above are met.
They are also required to move back to their various states within
one week from today. They will, however, be allowed to return and
joint the Federal Republic of Nigeria when the stipulated conditions
are met. In the same vein, all citizens of the Middle Belt and the
south are required to come back to their various states pending
when the so-called all-in-all Nigerians meet the conditions that will
ensure a united Nigeria. A word is enough for the wise.
This exercise will not be complete without purging corrupt public
officials and recovering their ill-gotten wealth, since the days of the
oil boom till date. Even in these hard times, when Nigerians are
dying from hunger, trekking many miles to work for lack of
transportation, a few other Nigerians with complete impunity are
living in unbelievable affluence both inside and outside the country.
We are extremely determined to recover all ill-gotten wealth back
to the public treasury for the use of the masses of our people. You
are all advised to remain calm as there is no cause for alarm. We
are fully in control of the situation as directed by God. All airports,
seaports and borders are closed forthwith. The former Armed
Forces Ruling Council is now disbanded and replaced with National
Ruling Council to be chaired by the head of state with other
members being a civilian vice-head of state, service chiefs,
inspector general of police, one representative each from NLC,
A curfew is hereby imposed from 8 p.m. to 6 a.m. until further
notice. All members of the armed forces and the police forces are
hereby confined to their respective barracks. All unlawful and
criminal acts by those attempting to cause chaos will be ruthlessly
crushed. Be warned as we are prepared at all costs to defend the
new order. All radio stations are hereby advised to hook on
permanently to the national network programme until further
Long live all true patriots of this great country of ours. May God
and Allah through his bountiful mercies bless us all.


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