All you need to know about the historical mountain of the moon

Our Ancient African Ancestors, called the “Bachwezi” and the
sacred science crafted the science of Astrology following upon
knowledge given to them by the Sons of Oploki (Heaven) who
through our tales descended from the domed covered sky,, who we
called Obatala in Yoruba Ifa, Ptah in Kemet, Katonda in Uganda
Muntu in Rwanda and Katonda in Eastern Congo,the Son of
Heaven is deemed the sky god in many of OUR cultures, living a
pure life , pure intention, pure thought.
The mountains were observatories to where ancestors could watch
the sky. They were able to observe that the land was flat all around
the mountains. To see the stars, luminary lights, moving and fixed,
were plastered against a blue dome, such bluish hue is caused by
the Primordial Waters of Nun. The women of the Congo, once a
part of the great empire of Kitara, used to put the constellation
patterns, sacred scripts, on their baskets and painted them on
mudhouses in very intricate designs. The Bugandans call the sky,
“Lubaale”, meaning, “The Domed Sky”. After thousands of years of
observations maps were created that became the great wheel or
25,000 yr celestial equinox. The 12 zones of the sky, each
measuring 30 degrees, then divided into “Decans” or 10-degree
sections. The lights are energy vortexes as we can see the rays of
light beaming down in the hieroglyphs empowering the kings of
ancient Chwezi.
The African kingdoms began in the Age of Leo as Africans kings
are lions. Instead of an evolution theory as taught by Dr. Darwin
time is cyclic in the ancient model. In other words, life in this realm
is constantly going through changes according to the progressing
12 ages of the Zodiac. The fixed stars move at a rate of 1 degree
per every 72 years giving us 2160 years in each age characterized
by synchronized events. Magic is real and is the highest science,
there are 9 dimensions,

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