All you need to know about the sit at home order declared by IPOB – Mazi Uche Mefor

1. Why do you want to embark on sit-at-home on Sept 14?
First, it is important to correct an impression which may have been
erroneously held by the public regarding our pronouncement with
particular reference to the 14th September 2018 date. It is
pertinent to note that we are embarking on a General Strike action
which some may rightly describe as sit-at-home, however, implicit
in the notion of ‘strike action’, for our purposes, are all manner of
conducts subsumed within the context or ambit of civil
disobedience. This date is sacrosanct because it is all about
remembering our dead, the maiming and humiliation of Biafrans
from 2015 through to 14th September 2017 till date, culminating in
the atrocious crime of torture and molestation, desecration and
subjugation of our mothers to all manner of inhumane and
degrading treatments. If any Igbo man is not repulsed and
ashamed by the way our mothers were treated, then that person is
not fit to be called an Igbo man or Biafran. They must have an
incurable mental sickness.
As indicated earlier, what we are doing on 14th September is
actually a general strike action which involves sit-at-home, total
lockdown of business activities, disassociation from both public
and private engagements, market closures, transporters keeping
their vehicles off the roads, bank closures, parents and guardians
withdrawing theirs wards from schools, tertiary institutions in
Biafraland under lock and key, artisans holding back from their
trades, both private and public sector employees staying away
from work and so on and so forth. It is effectively a day of
mourning and introspection. Our brothers and sisters who were
massacred in cold blood in the Afara-ukwu compound of our
leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu by Islamic Salafist fundamentalists in
army uniform drawn from rank and file of Miyetti Allah jihadists led
by their commander Muhammadu Buhari must be remembered
because it is the right thing to do. We also remember those that
connived with them, like Ohaneze Ndigbo, the treacherous South
East governors and some Lagos-Abuja based qui slings. Like
Judas Iscariot in the Bible, they gleefully and treacherously paved
the way for the enemies of Biafra from the Sahel to come into our
land and spill the blood of our people in exchange for money and
political patronage.

2. Is this sit at home replacing the May 30 sit at home?
Absolutely not. We cannot rewrite history. 30th May is a date to
remember our fallen heroes and heroines who paid the ultimate
price in their righteous resistance against the genocidal war of
attrition on Biafrans and their collective quest for our mental and
physical emancipation as a race. 30th of May is sacrosanct and
irreplaceable, if anything, we would be replacing Nigeria’s October
1st with our 14th of September day of resistance.

3. If not replacing it, what do you intend to achieve with this Sept
14 sit at home order?
30th May and 14th September are two distinct watershed
experiences or ugly events on our journey as a people to freedom.
With 14th September, we simply intend to achieve collective victory
over saboteurs in our land, internal enemies who for nearly 50
years have sold the people down the river. The treachery of these
evil men, whose sole purpose is to serve their northern masters
through deliberate sabotage and destruction of our quest for
freedom, will also be reflected upon.
We want to prove that nobody or mortal can quench, suffocate or
diminish the collective will and the aspirations of the Biafran
people. We shall demonstrate that legitimate power belongs to the
Indigenous People of Biafra in so far as Biafraland is concerned.
We intend to press home the fact that genocidal orgy of violence,
tyranny, Islamisation, terrorism and hatred by the Fulani military
machinery against Biafrans can no longer continue without
consequences. 14th of September 2018 will mark the beginning of
what is to come.

4. Do you think Biafrans will comply or obey another sit at home
due economic hardship in the country?
This struggle is more of spiritual than material. Our people are
desirous and eager to do anything within their powers to extricate
themselves from this abominable nightmare called Nigeria. To
have the most hardworking race on earth residing in a country with
the largest number of poor people is a demonic curse, an
unmitigated insult and a disservice to our God given creative
The grace of Almighty God and spirit of our dear departed have
awakened and stirred the people of Biafra to a new level of
morality and consciousness that economic considerations cannot
negatively impact or override. This same cynicism was advanced
during 30th May 2015, 30th May 2017and 18th November 2017. In
all these cases, our people defied all economic odds to stun our
oppressors by overwhelmingly passing a vote of confidence in
IPOB. We are confident that Biafrans would massively respond to
this clarion call, especially now the Nigerian establishment has
gone after our mothers and grand mothers. The anger is
simmering, our rage boiling and we know very soon it will explode.
We are reaching out to all businesses, churches, market leaders,
priests, transporters, artisans, private and public sector employees
to heed this call and stay indoors on the 14th of September 2018.

5. What is you stand in forthcoming 2019 election?
It is going to be a charade as always. There has never been
election in Nigeria. What you have is a process of selection.
Without referendum, there shall never be any credible election in
Nigeria because every right thinking person knows the election is
always rigged. With the registration of underage voters in the
North, open ballot snatching and vote buying, exchange of PVCs
for money, open thump-printing of ballot sheets, the manipulation
of election results by INEC in favour of candidate of their choices
and the mind boggling revelations of Ibrahim Mantu on how
elections are rigged; everything in Nigeria, how INEC is bought,
where and how they are settled, who in their right senses will be
foolish enough to trust such a system? In a country where
opposition candidates are settled, election observers settled, party
agents settled and electoral tribunals also settled, only persons
with compulsive melancholic disorder will be clamouring for
another election in 2019.

6. What is your take on the revelation by Senate President Saraki
that President and Tinubu signed pact to hand over power to
Tinubu in 2023 against the promise of rotation of power to
Southeast zone?
It is simply a vindication of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB’s position
that our people have no stake in the British-created Nigeria. The
only way forward is outright freedom and independence legitimised
through the most sophisticated democratic process of all which is
referendum. Anything outside this, runs counter to our survival as
a people and against our very existence.

7. What is you advise to Igbo leaders on that new arrangement
between Buhari and Tinubu.
By Igbo leaders I know you mean those that betrayed IPOB and
vowed publicly to sabotage our quest for Biafra independence.
They must join and support IPOB for our absolute freedom, that is
the only way they can remain relevant. Any so-called Igbo leader
seen conniving with our oppressors remains the enemy of Biafran
people and will pay a heavy price at the right time. They must de-
proscribe what they proscribed on the steps of Enugu Government
House. We have the audio tape and press coverage of that sad
Compare the conduct of Ohanaeze Ndigbo and South East
governors with that of Arewa Consultative Forum and Northern
governors when it comes to an armed terrorist outfit like Fulani
herdsmen. That is the only comparison you need to make in order
to appreciate the level of betrayal IPOB have endured in the hands
of these men we call Igbo leaders. They are not working for the
interest of the masses, their interest is their bank account and
families. To them, the poor masses can die and suffer all they like,
they just don’t care.
South East governors and Ohaneze Ndigbo willfully made
themselves the enemies of the people by working against the
overwhelming aspirations of those they are leading, which is an
independent Biafran state. We must always be minded of the fact
that millions have died for this cause, they did not disappoint us,
neither did they capitulate. Therefore we will never retreat nor
surrender in our quest to restore Biafra. We must ensure that
Biafra is restored for their sake and those unborn. We make bold
to say that Biafra Restoration is sacrosanct.

8. As deputy leader, how are you coping since Nnamdi kanu was
around or seen?
Truthfully speaking it has been very difficult without our leader. His
collosal presence and charisma made everything appear so easy
but I can put my hand on my heart and say that running IPOB is
not as easy as he made it look. The enormity of leading the largest
mass movement in the world with presence in about 100 countries
is mentally and physically demanding in this age of social media.
Thankfully I have an excellent team of officers in our Directorate of
State (DOS) led by Mazi Chika Edoziem, helping me to ensure a
smooth and effective running of IPOB.

9. It was alleged that there is a crack or division in your group, how
true it is?.
Any person or persons alleging any crack or division in IPOB is
probably on hallucinogenic medication or other form of mind
bending drugs. We defeated every attempt by the federal
government, Igbo governors and Ohaneze Ndigbo to use non-
existent fictitious groups and names to infiltrate and damage IPOB
from within. The traitors and criminals that fell for their financial
inducement were quickly identified and promptly expelled from
We all recall RE-IPOB, RENIPOB, SEXIPOB, TRIPOB and many other
POBs that came to nothing. People are attracted to the success of
IPOB but sadly some of them that came to us are unscrupulous
money hungry individuals that will do anything to become relevant.
Perhaps the easiest means and way for some traitors and
saboteurs to gain the attention and trust of anti-Biafra sponsors
like Arewa Consultative Forum, DSS, Aso Rock, Department of
Military Intelligence, Ohaneze Ndigbo and Igbo governors, is to
claim they were once part of IPOB.
Such person or persons don’t exist, they have no presence on the
ground, they have no following and are smart enough not to show
their faces on Biafran territory because they will be lynched by the
masses. If you claim you are part of IPOB and influential enough,
we challenge the person or entity to call for a meeting of IPOB in
Biafraland and see what shall become of them.
The government have tried and failed to take-over IPOB through
Dr. Dozie Ikedife’s disbanded Council of Elders. They tried to
replicate IPOB through some criminal elements in Europe and US
and failed too. As our slogan says, we are IPOB and one family,
indivisible under God. No human being can divide IPOB, not now,
not in the future.

10. The operation python dance 3 is coming again in southeast as
stated by Army, what is your take on that since it was the python
dance they used to invade and attack Kanu’s compound, it is a
threat or target at your people?
Some South East and South South politician erroneously thought
that Biafra-Nigeria War ended in 1970 but they were wrong, naive
and some would say downright foolish. Operation Python Dance is
a legitimized well choreographed annual killing exercise and
nothing more. As long as a Fulani man remains the president of
Nigeria and army chief of staff, Biafrans will continue to be killed,
either through Operation Python Dance in the South East or
Operation Crocodile Smile in the South South.
The most troubling aspect of it is that Igbo politicians and Ohaneze
Ndigbo are the people that clamored for Python Dance to be
brought to our land because they wrongly thought IPOB had come
to take food from their ravenous mouths. Have you heard any
governor, senator, representative speak against Operation Python
Dance 3? Ask yourself why!
Some Igbo politicians, including those in Lagos and Abuja,
connived with Nnia Nwodo’s Ohaneze Ndigbo to invite Fulani
soldiers to kill Nnamdi Kanu and his family. We have stated this
repeatedly with no counter from these collaborators. To confirm
my assertion, journalists should investigate the conveners and
funders of the Nike Lake Resort meeting in Enugu on the 15th of
September 2017. All government retained informants and traitors
in Igboland gathered at that meeting, including Archbishop
Emmanuel Chukwuma, Chief Guy Ikokwu, Eze Eberechi Dick and
Nnia Nwodo among others, to endorse the proscription of IPOB and
seal the fate of Nnamdi Kanu and his parents.
At that meeting Archbishop Emeritus Anikwenwa and a few other
conscientious clergy opposed the motion of condemnation drafted
by Aso Rock, approved by SE governors and Nnia Nwodo’s
Ohanaeze, sanctioning Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB for daring to agitate
for Biafra. It was at this meeting that Igbo traditional rulers aligned
with the governors and Ohaneze Ndigbo to proscribe IPOB.
Therefore Operation Python Dance 3 is the continuation of
stealthily organised persecution of IPOB and her leader Mazi
Nnamdi Kanu by the same Igbo politicians that have held the
people down for 48 years. Nnamdi Kanu coming to liberate the
people was not something they envisaged. They were willing
therefore to do anything to show their masters in the north that
they are still in control of the South East not IPOB.
To.make matters worse, we have not finished burying those they
killed last September, they have come again this year to kill many
more. That is the reason why we are calling for a general strike on
the 14th of September 2018 to protest this unprovoked invasion.

Is it right for Federal Government to dialogue and compensate killer herdsmen and bandits?
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