All you need to know about vaccines including their harmful negative effect

Vaccines are a artificial man made creation that was meticulously
designed to poison and slowly kill the masses, and by being raised
within a society that intentionally teaches us that the doctors have
the cure and solution to all of the problems that we didn’t have the
answers to, we have become trapped within a sinister loop of
placing our health in the hands of beings who ultimately have no
good intentions for us. Their system is literally thriving off of the
ignorance of its people, and is now running on an automated cycle
because the majority of humanity believe and have accepted
everything they has been taught to them and aren’t willing to
unlearn any of it. Which is keeping them in a paradigm where they
will inevitably experience a life of cellf induced illness and

We have gotten out of tune with the functions of our own bodies,
and knowledge of cellf is the only way to rise out of this ignorant
cycle. Artificial vaccines are not mandatory for optimal health
reflections. In ancient times when we were living and eating
naturally the mother of the children produced a natural
immunization that she transferred to the infant through her
breastmilk that prevented all illnesses and ensured that the baby
received the adequate amount and quality of nutrients needed for
its well being. This was our original vaccine, but now we have
evolved into a breed of human that can no longer naturally
vaccinate our own children because we have developed a
unnatural diet that would ultimately transfer toxins to the infant
which has the potential to cause imbalance and genetic mutations
that’s would make the baby more vulnerable to diseases.

We must stop placing all of our trust in the medical industry of
America, but in order to stray away from them we must return
back to our natural way of living.


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