This is to the church going Christian.
So many women believing God to have babies and after 10, 15, 18
years of waiting; they are celebrated because out of the blues they
have quadruplets!

This is to the couple that come to church to testify after that. How
dare you? How dare you make those poor couple believing God for
kids think He isn’t answering them? How dare you make this about

You tell me after the PCOS diagnosis and the irregular periods that
you equally fertilized four eggs in one month or that one split? How
dare you lie before God?
Oh technically, it’s not a lie but what does witholding a vital
information do to people?

Who says babies concieved via IVF are any less of babies? Why
not tell the couple to save for IVF just like you did but instead you
told them to pray just a little more, have a little more faith and keep
fasting and sowing seed faith offerings, how dare you?

Yes it is not our business to know how you concieved but it stands
to reason that after keeping us for minutes unend during church
, you will atleast mention they weren’t concieved the
conventional way.

Why make another couple feel like they are opposed by their maker
by witholding the truth?
IVF wasn’t your father’s invention.
You prayed, fasted, cried, believed, hoped and asked for kids
together but when you heard about IVF you went alone.

Oh, did you say you wanted to return all glory to God? Who says
we won’t do same if we knew that. IVF does not always work. We
will still thank God yours worked.

Who are we fooling really? God or ourselves? We tell everyone that
cares to listen that our pastor prayed and the miracle came with no
mention of the late visits to the fertility clinic; how dare you?
This is why I am not cut out for testimonies in Nigerian churches.
Say the truth it won’t kill you!

Disclaimer: I am aware there are indeed miracles like this that are
genuine but so rare. I celebrate parents of babies born
conventionally, via IVF, via surrogacy, adoption or any other way,
well done but just say it and be proud that you are a mama



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