Amadioha brief history, all you need to know

Amadioha is the Arusi (construct) of thunder and lightning of the
Igbo people of southeastern Nigeria. He is amongst the most
popular of Igbo deities and in some parts of Igboland, he is
referred to as Amadioha, Kamalu which is short for Kalu, Akanu,
Kamanu, or Ofufe.
Astrologically, his governing planet is the Sun, His color is red and
that is why those who worship it wears red, and his symbol is a
white ram. Amadioha represents the collective will of the people.
He is often associated with Anyanwu, who is the Igbo god of the
Sun. While Anyanwu is more prominent in northern Igboland,
Amadioha is more prominent in the southern part. His day is Afo,
which is the third market day of the Igbo four-day week.
Amadioha is first and foremost known as a god of justice. He
speaks through thunder, and he strikes with lightning. He creates
thunder and lightning by casting “thunderstones” down to earth.
Persons judged guilty by Amadioha are either killed by lightning
which leaves a black mark on the forehead or attacked by a swarm
of bees and the property of the victim is usually taken by the
priests of Amadioha, and the body is left unburied and the victim
unmourned, as the punishment is considered to be a righteous one
from God.
In Igbo culture when a dead person is left unburied, it gives the
people clues that this one has been punished by the gods. In some
parts of Igboland, Amadioha is used as a curse word and that is
why most people even joke with it by saying may amadioha strike
you without even knowing the implications. Oaths are often sworn
to him, which can carry deadly penalties when broken.
The ritual cleansing for Amadioha is very costly and tasking. The
deity can only be appeased by transferring the curse to a live goat
that is let loose outside of the walls of the community. The ram is
a common offering for him. The priestly clan of Amadioha are
known as Umuamadi, which translates to children of Amadioha
and so many people bear these names without knowing fully what
it means.
In precolonial times, the village of Ozuzu turned Amadioha/Kamalu
into an oracle called Kamalu Ozuzu. People would travel all over
Igboland to visit the oracle in order to settle disputes and for help
with crucial decisions. Parties found guilty by the oracle could be
sold into slavery.
So many families and communities are still under the bondage of
Amadioha despite the presence of Christianity everywhere.
Amadioha is still killing and people still worship it and sacrifice to
it. Amadioha is evil and the proper way to destroy it is by coming
under total repentance to God. The community or families that this
wicked god exists in should first of all come under agreement first
to destroy it then come to repentance and bring out all its
properties and then burn it and raise a new altar of God. This is the
only way to deal with this wicked god.

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