Ambode in a tight corner against Tinubu-Adedamola Adetayo

Let me give you guys an idea of what is going to happen to
Akinwunmi Ambode:
Firstly, you need to understand that this man is in DIRECT
confrontation with Bola Ahmed Tinubu and by extension the
Leadership of APC in Lagos. I can also tell you that his attitude and
very recent shows of childish bravado is a direct affront to the Oba
of Lagos himself, considering his role in Ambode’s emergence as
Governor of Lagos. Akinwunmi is more or less in battle with
1. By now, the witches and wizard of the various Markets, Ogbonis
and the entire paraphenalia of Lagos Principalities and Power have
decided his fate in conjunction with Esu Laolu Ogiri Oko himself.
2. I am so totally sure that Akinwunmi Ambode and his band of
fools don’t even have a fleeting idea where the MEMBERSHIP
REGISTERS OF LAGOS APC are at this material time. By now, the
members who are going to be ELIGIBLE for voting at the party
primaries would have been carefully selected, consulted,
accredited at home and given all necessary instructions. NONE OF
3. On the day eventually set for the primaries, Akinwunmi Ambode
will be extremely lucky to get into the venue with more than 20 of
his members. The security will be water tight, even his DSS details
will struggle to get into the venue.
4. Akinwunmi Ambode will not get up to 10% of whatever vote cast
at that primaries for the Guber candidate.
5. By now, the members of the LSHA have perfected the
impeachment plans of Ambode to be executed with lightning speed
immediately after the primaries. Ambode, his lawyers and
Followers will still be occupied with reading the impeachment
notice trying to absorb it when the impeachment will be approved
in the House and the Chief Judege swearing in Madam Idiat
Adebule as Governor to complete the term.
6. Without immunity and security, Ambode will be delivered into the
hands of the militant arm of the party aka MC Oluomo & Co. He
willl become endangered even inside his own bedroom.
7. By 29 May 2019, Ambode will be struggling between his
personal safety and the multiple curses and afflictions that the
people mentioned in No. 1 above have poured on him. He will not
even himself remember that he was ever Governor in this Lagos.

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