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This is real from my street intelligence. On Wednesday 31/1/18, I
had course to travel round the State on official assignment. From
my village Aguluezechukwu to Judiciary headquarters Awka to
Ommor Anyamelum LGA, back through Igbariam, Awkuzu, Ifite
Dunu, Abagana to Awka. Then from Awka to Ihiala through Agulu,
Adazi, Neni, Ichida, Awka Etiti, Ukpor, Azia, Ihiala and back through
Igboukwu, Ekwulobia back to Aguluezechukwu. As a result of my
paramilitary background training on intelligence, I was by instincts
taking note of movements as a result of the alarm of massive
movement of Fulani’s into the South in the last 3 weeks. What I
noticed baffled me. I was reluctant to share it as many will not
take it serious. But the events and developments of last 72 hours
with respect to impending Jihad in the south makes it compelling
that I share this:
¶ 1. There are increased police presence and checking points.
¶ 2. 90% of the police personnel on these roads are Hausa/Fulani
from looks, mannerisms and intonations. Since I speak Hausa and
Yoruba, I always stop by my own (since I was not stopped due to
the official Judiciary Plate number of my vehicle). I keep charting
with them at each point in Hausa to confirm. Always very happy
that I speak their language they jump at my discussions. I
discovered that they were newly posted on special duty. I won’t go
further on this.
¶ 3. There is massive presence of northerners along all these
routes I passed through moving in groups of 3 or 5. Some groups
carry framers instruments on their shoulders, some suger canes,
some cobbler tools (Fulani cobblers are not used to move in
groups), some little wares for sale like watches, clothes, locally
designed caps, footwear’s etc. I came across increased groups of
cattles/herdsmen along the routes.
¶ 4. Afternoon and night Suya spots are fast springing up within
few kilometers apart in most villages with Hausa or Fulani as
owners along the roads of the villages as if there is a festival of
suya since January.
¶ 5. Most of these spots don’t have suya worth more than #5,000
in each stand unlike the normal suya merchant with daily stock
worth about #50,000.
¶ 6. There is increased mobile suya merchants moving about with
few meats and lantern on their heads, also now in groups unlike
before in the day along the village routes.
¶ 7. My curiosity made me to go into and around the Eke Awka
market today for observation. Behold for every 10 men you pass
within the market you notice 1 or 2 Hausa/Fulani roaming the
market in a manner you will know that he has no serious business
in the market and with funny composure and expression of one
who has no destination or business. I charted one up in Hausa. He
told me he came from Ilorin to come and see his brother but has
not located him.
¶ 8 At this point I became incensed that something sinister is going
on in the Southern Nigeria right now.
¶9. Let us be careful to observe this trend and be very vigilant. The
ethno-religious war is imminent. 2019 we are talking of may be a
mirage with the best chance being the configuration of the national
security apparatus in the country right now. This may be their best
time since the outcome of 2019 presidential election is not as sure
as the present and a national chaos is a good alibi for State of
emergency throughout the nation and postponement of the election
with the present status quo intact. We are in a trouble already.
OKEMMIRI ’81. The sound of the Rwanda boat seems to have
arrived close Dan anticipated….. It’s strategically already planned
in well put in place but God loves Nigeria n Nigerians n dats y His
plans for using this country as an end time evangelical revivalist
nation will not be truncated… The spirit is Islam will never succeed
over the church of Christ… Remember the gates of he’ll shall not
prevail therefore I bet u it has already failed b4 the gain grounds

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