An Open Letter To Nnamdi Kanu-Ifedimma Onwugbufor

Dear Mazi Nnamdi Kanu,
With all due respect, I wish to express my disappointment at your
abysmal broadcast yesterday. I am still at a loss why many Igbo
still fight and die for a leader like you, so insensitive and a

During the Python dance operation, many Igbo families were
wrecked, sons were executed point blank, tortured terribly and
maimed, then you resurface after some months after being
spotted in Israel to mourn the death of “Jack my dog and many
others”. That was unfair, insensitive and prideful of you.

Mazi, I expected you to shed tears at the mention of humans,
people’s children who followed you at the peril of their lives. I
expected you to inform the Igbo that you are fine. I expected you
to massively thank them for their loyalty, prayer and support, and
not assure them of your return with “hell”.

What about your handlers giving the full names of the thirty killed
and you will slowly mention them one after another, and speaking
words of comfort to their families. Is it took much to do? Who is
Jack? Who is his father? Does he even have a soul?
You are not a leader. Ojukwu did not do this after he escaped to
Ivory Coast. You are too insensitive to be one. I see no emotions in
you for your people. When Ojukwu was here, he mostly addressed
the Igbo with an emotionally laden tone, full of tenderness and
compassion. People went home comforted. You only come to stir
the beehive and shut out the world all of a sudden, leaving your
Igbo kinsmen to get at each other’s necks. You are not a leader,
truth be told.

You don’t speak the minds of the Igbo. Maybe of ndi Abia state,
but certainly not of Ndigbo. You are not my leader. You are no
longer Nigerian, as you stated. Stay out and remain out.
The hatred for the Igbo aggravates daily because of braggarts like
you. We work and sacrifice in Nigeria like elephants and survive
like ants. You have nothing to offer any Igbo.

Your wife and kids are safely tucked in the UK but you always have
a way of showing up to bastardize the little goodwill we manage to
have here. Leave us alone. We are suffering greatly over here.
Unfortunately most of your ardent supporters live in diaspora and
have no single idea what it means to struggle to survive over here.
We are suffering, Mazi. We are groaning under a huge yoke that
cannot be lifted by the rudeness and profligacy that you exhibit in
your pomposity. Enough.

The Igbo are worried about your Dad and other members of your
family. You couldn’t mention that in your broadcast. You think we
are not genuinely worried about the welfare of your family?
Go to UK, that’s where your citizenship is. Stop disrupting the
peace of a country you have no business with. Create your dreams in a
country where you are and keep the “hell” there. I am sure Israel
will be so generous too.

You have mentored very rude, recalcitrant and cantankerous Igbo
young men and women, strutting the social media and fighting and
denigrating anyone that tries to reason with a head. What evil is
You are on exile in Israel. Fine. Remain there and make the best of
your time and opportunity. If your actions are found lethal, Israel
may have no other option than to discontinue with hosting you.

In Nigeria, you abused your bail conditions and trifled the integrity
of all who were your guarantors. For your cause, Igbo suffer more
in their host states. This is the much hardship your outlandish
decisions have brought.
If you truly love the Igbo, stay silent at the moment. If you cannot
work with the who-is-who in Igboland, your patriotism is dung.
If indeed, the APC government has not contracted you to
destabilize the opposition as many insinuate now, Mazi kindly
remain mum.

Your integrity is going downward. You cannot clamour to deliver people who no longer see your goodwill as it is. IPOB members are mostly not registered voters, you didn’t need to announce that they should not vote. Ife dike gha eme di ye n’obi. Learn to be frugal with words.

Can the south east (Igbo speaking tribe) produce the next Nigerian President come 2023?
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