Analysis of Lai Mohammed statement ” the president is a symbol of this country”

The President of a country, irrespective of the party or tribe which
he comes from, is the symbol of
that country”- Lai Mohammed, Hon. Min. of Information.
I wonder why Lai Mohammed and his friends didn’t say this when
President Goodluck Jonathan was in power?
Instead they called him a “looter”, and a “corrupt and clueless goat”
and they called his dear wife, the First Lady of the Federal Republic
of Nigeria, an “illiterate and ugly hippopotamus”.
Such painful and cruel words were deployed against a profoundly
good, peaceful, kind and loving man and great President but now
the joke is on them and they are eating those words.
I say this to them:
Buhari does NOT represent me, my tribe, my zone or my faith and
he is NOT the symbol of my country. As a matter of fact the
contrary is the case.
He represents evil and that is why we have rejected him. He
represents everything that all right-thinking people detest and
despise. He represents blood, death, destruction, failure, anarchy,
division, poverty, pain, conflict, malevolence and strife. He
represents the forces of darkness and sorrow beyond measure.
Now is the time to dig deep, build bridges, form new alliances, bury
old differences and conscientiously collaborate with others that
share our concerns about his flagrant incompetence, reckless
ineptitude and inordinate capacity for evil.
We must vote him out in February and remove him from power. If
we succeed Nigeria will heal and we shall restore and rebuild her.
If we fail Nigeria is doomed, she will never rise again and she will
fade away into the sad and sorrowful ashes of a failed and
inglorious history.

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