APC claimed achievement in three years the biggest scandal of all time – PDP

Below is the recent claimed published achievement of APC but we stand to debunk this claims with the following facts

1 Foreign reserved increased from 29.3 billion to over 47 billion.
True or False
False: there is no proof whatsoever that our Foreign reserves have
grown to 47 billion dollars When Buhari has not told us where the
excess savings came from and if the country was making so much
then why has Buhari been attributing his failure to lack of funds?
Open your eyes Buhari lies a lot.

2 Over 200,000 youth are benefiting from #30,000 monthly
NPOWER. True or False?
False : this is another unproven statististic and ofcourse another
shameless lie from the lying govt , is the govt saying it is paying
average of 6000 people in each state of Nigeria the total sum of 6
billion Naira monthly ? The least the govt can do is allow the 6
billion Naira reflect in the statutory monthly expenditure charge
sheet and it’s never reflected at all ..another thing is for the govt to
make available a list of names of beneficiaries state by state for

3 Power supply as improved from 2000 megawatts to 7000
megawatts. True or False?
False: when Jonathan left Nigeria had a wheel out capacity of
4500 Mws and an installed capacity of 7000 Mws of electricity and
this is a fact ..Buhari is claiming to have added 5000 mws to grid
in 3 years so can Buhari show us what new power plants he
initiated that is responsible for this extra 5000 Mws ( it’s as simple
as that ).. another lie bursted.

4 Second Niger bridge construction is going on. Truth or false?
False : it’s is on record that the contract has not even been
awarded at all at any level so this is a lie .. how can a contract that
has not been awarded be ongoing ..please let’s stop being dull.

5 Local rice production, packaging like imported rice is now in the
market. True or False.
False: one visit to the market will debunk all these paper based
local rice , why can’t we find such rice in the market, where are the
rice paddies producing these rice located ? Why has our rice
import bill not dropped to reflect the truth.. another lie from hell

6 Money swaps between Nigeria and China to reduce dollar
influence and reduce cost of products from China True or false
False : the money swap deal has not even taken off and when it
does it will for the tiny international sum of 900 million dollars over
a period of years which comes to just 300 million dollars per year
if it ever kicks off ..The deal in every ramification is nothing but
beauttiful nonsense that has no implication on our Balance of trade
sheet with china.. we have only ended up guaranteeing China a
sure 1 billion dollars worth of export steady no matter the outcome
of international business.

7 Over 500billion had been realised from anti corruption fight. True
or False
False : till the EFCC provided the list of the 630 people it prosecuted
successfully and recovered 500 billion Naira from this remains
false and till that money reflects in our budget as an income item
then it’s false ..Where is is the money?

8 Bokoharam, Niger Delta Avenger, IPOB/BIAFRA agitators has
been defeated. True or False.
False: Bokoko Haram is still know to be in control of over 70
percent of the land mass in Borno state and 80 percent of the
highways there ..a visit to Borno by anyone will quickly erode this
lie I challenge the OP to make road trip from Damboa to Maidugri
with an escort of 20 soldiers and lets see if he will be alive to tell
the tale .. IPOB was never a threat as such to any Nigerian ,
instead of mentioning IPOb I was expecting the president to tell us
why he is sparing the Fulani Herdmen who have killed over 4000
Nigerians in just 3 years.

9 Nigeria has comes out of the worst economical recession. True
or False?
False : who caused the recession in the first place ?Buhari
tooknover Nigeria with a single inflation digit but today it’s still in
double digits courtesy his bad governance, is the negligible micro
growth Buhari has peddling even sufficient to call growth at all
..the dull president can keep decieving himself please but the truth
is that the recession came with a lot of consequences which
included double digit inflation, weaker naira and a loss of about 13
million jobs , are we back to single digit inflation? Is the naira back
to strength ? Is are the 13 million jobs back ? Hell no ..the last 3
years have been Nigeria’s worst Perfmance on the international
Human development index scale and that the fact.

10 Masive road construction is ongoing all over Nigeria True or
False : this is another big lie when it’s on record that for 3 straight
fiscal years the Buhari govt has scored zero (yes zero)
Performance in the administration of its capital expenditure purse
( even Fashola recently admitted this when he went to defend his
budget) ..so ask yourself where is the money for these phantom
roads coming from and where are the roads ? grin please dontbler
a Dullard like Buhari decieve you.

11 Rail constricting is on going Lagos to Ibadan, Kaduna to Kano
etc. True or False?
False : The only rail construction Buhari has initiated is a
questionable one that is supposed to run from Katsina to his
ancestral home in Maradi Niger republic , the motive behind the rail
is 100 percent nepotistic as there is no economic explanation to
why Nigeria needs that rail line so much we had to borrow for it.

12 Sign memorandum of understanding with Boeing and Airbus
on revival of National Carriage Airline. True or False?
False : hahahahaha this comment is an insult to any sensible
person…anyone that that know the process of acquiring planes
knows this is bullocks .. At what capacity is Boeing and Airbus
signing agreement hahahaha? Borno and Airbus only take orders
for brand new planes and deliveries could take years and very few
airlines use direct purchases to source their planes form either
Boeing or Airbus . Buhari clearly understand nothing about fleeting
an airline but the least he do is show us the MOU with these two
aviation giants so we know what it’s about even though I know it’s
a big lie.

13 Massive investment in Agriculture as alternative means of
Economy. True or False?
False : Nigerian farmers have never had a worse time in their lives
due to the insecurity they currently face ..its on record that almost
60 percent of middle belt farmers have been displaced from their
farm by killer herdsmen Buhari is very sympathetic too ..so tell me
where this false investment in agriculture is being made please ..is
it in Daura farms ?

14 Anti Corruption war. True or False?
This seem to be unarguable achievements of BUHARI
administration in 3years
False : Corruption has never been worse on reality, just one look at
transparency international recent report will debunk this one hand
as Nigeria ranking is at one of its worst ever today under the
Dullard…Lest we forget there is a massive corruption also going
on in secretive oil subsidy regime where Buhari has trippled the
annual spending on phantom oil subsidies from about 300 billion
Naira annually to 1.4 trillion a year without budgetary approval,that would be the biggest corruption scandal when it blow


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