APC is a new breed of politicians who steal from the very poor, the starving, dying and the dead-Mbe Nwaniga

We are used to our politicians stealing state funds, but since the
rise of the APC in 2015,we have started seeing a new breed of politicians who steal from the very poor,the starving, dying and the
dead. They stole millions meant for the internally displaced people in IDP camps.They diverted hundreds of millions to cut nonexistent “invasive weed” while they watched thousands starve to death and offered women food or 50 naira for sex.

Remember the 90 year old Hajia Faka from Kebbi who donated all her one million naira life savings to Buhari for the campaign towards 2015? She did not know that Buhari had two children studying in UK universities at the time. One of the Buhari kids eventually fell off BMW powerbike valued at about $155,000. Hajia Faka probably died of disappointment and heartbreak, yet they still went round Kebbi and other parts of the Northern states to tell her children and relatives that Buhari kids didnt have money to buy cars so they resorted to ridingokada.

Two months ago,in September ,governor El Rufai of Kaduna state insisted that he didn’t have up to 20 million in his account to buy the APC expression of interest form. The almajiri Association of
Cattle Sellers in Kaduna and Gumi Market traders levied themselves to buy him the form. This is the same El Rufai whom the Union newspaper had on 1 June, 2015, published that he declared N90 billion assets,
including 40 mansions scattered across the country to the CCB. Never in the history of modern Nigeria have I seen such wicked manipulation of the poor for personal gains. This is more inhuman than the trans Saharan and trans Atlantic slave raids.

We must challenge the inhuman exploitation of the poor by this Buhari led government, especially in the Northern states. The killing of poor farmers must stop. The killing of poor miners and villagers in Zamfara must stop. Setting poor people against themselves for political gains must stop.

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